The goal of Weekly Wealth Alert is simple — to try to make as much money as we can as quickly as possible.

Editor Alan Knuckman comes straight from the Chicago trading pits, and applies his expertise to Weekly Wealth Alert.

He focuses on short-term (expiring in two weeks or less), near-the-money options with the best chance for a significant price move in a short amount of time.

Alan will help you get in to these positions BEFORE news becomes public. Only corporate insiders have that kind of advantage, but Weekly Wealth Alert’s indicator levels the playing field for you.

Using an exclusive algorithm, Alan recommends trades that could result in the kind of giant gains you’d only otherwise see through insider trading!

Best of all, Alan gives you step by step instructions for each and every trade. You’re never tied to your computer, or left guessing what to do.

You deserve the opportunity to make $5,290… $10,200… or even $35,700… every week.

That’s the power of Weekly Wealth Alert!

Alan Knuckman

Alan hails from the home of options trading in Chicago, where he began working as a clerk on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). Beginning with his days on the floor, Alan’s worked with all aspects of the options markets for the past 25+ years. Transitioning from a clerk to a floor...

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