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You may have heard that profits don’t come on a set schedule.

But Alan Knuckman’s Monthly Millionaires will show you that just isn’t true.

Alan has identified stocks with a long history of predictable price trends… and he’s developed a simple plan for playing them:

Buy on the first day of the month… sell on the last… and pocket profits as a result.

A veteran of the Chicago trading pits, Alan rigorously backtested this strategy… and he’s absolutely convinced it can help you reap big gains each and every month.

Join his Monthly Millionaires, and you’ll get full access to his Almanac — pinpointing the exact dates specific stocks tend to peak.

You’ll also get a monthly email from him telling you how to turn these reliable trends into big gains.

With his step-by-step instructions, you’re never tied to your computer or left guessing what to do.

And in less than 30 days, you could be racking up profits of 100% to 1,200%!

That’s the power of Alan Knuckman’s Monthly Millionaires.

Alan Knuckman

Alan hails from the home of options trading in Chicago, where he began working as a clerk on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). Beginning with his days on the floor, Alan’s worked with all aspects of the options markets for the past 25+ years. Transitioning from a clerk to a floor...

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