30-Minute Retirement Guide

In a world full of low-interest rates, economic uncertainty, and broken promises, investors have limited options for generating reliable investment income. Former multimillion-dollar hedge fund manager and best-selling author Zach Scheidt designed an investment plan to take advantage of special opportunities that are very different from conventional Wall Street “buy and hope” strategies.

This investment approach is built on buying discounted corporate bonds. When you own a corporate bond, the issuing corporation owes you a debt that — by law — must be repaid, with interest. For every bond you own, you can expect two lucrative interest payments each year. And when the debt comes due, you can expect to receive every penny that the company owes you.

What a welcome change from the uncertainty on Wall Street today!

Zach Scheidt is on a mission to find bonds at discount prices so you can double your money in five years or less. And since your interest payments are also protected by law, these opportunities are some of the safest, most lucrative ways to turbocharge your investment income.