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Zach ScheidtZach Scheidt

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Zach Scheidt is the editor of Lifetime Income Report, Income on Demand, Buyout Millionaires Club, Weekly Squawk Box, Contract Income Alert and Family Wealth Circle — investment advisories dedicated to finding Wall Street’s best yields. He brings to the table impeccable investment management experience and a solid record of identifying oversized payout opportunities.

Zach previously edited Income and Dividend Report, which was also dedicated to finding great stocks paying high dividends, and Accelerated Income, an advisory that focused on earning income using covered calls. His readers had a chance to score 56% gains on Norfolk Southern and 39% on Hercules Technology Group -- as well as earn yields of up to 8.7% on KKR Group.

His work has also appeared in Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool, and The Wall Street Journal.

He had started his career as a cost accountant for SunTrust Bank before he left for a more exciting career as an analyst for an Atlanta-based investment advisory. The company catered to wealthy clients with a minimum account balance of $1 million. It also ran two hedge funds with combined assets above $100 million. Zach was personally responsible for $20 million of the firm’s money, as well as $20 million in individual client accounts.

Zach graduated with honors from Lee University, a small private university in Cleveland, Tennessee. Upon entering the investment business, Zachary simultaneously worked full-time as an analyst and portfolio manager and earned his MBA from Georgia State University.

When he is not scouring Wall Street for ultra-high dividends, Zach enjoys running, playing poker and spending time with his wife and seven children.

October 2, 2019 Squawk Box

This week, Zach discusses why there’s still a lot of reasons to love the markets despite what’s being broadcast all over the media… what the manufacturing report really tells us about the economy… what earnings reports to look out for as we head into earnings season… an update on what’s been happening with some major brokers… and why front traders are betting big on this semiconductor company that is poised to deliver some nice profits!

New Trade Alert: This Company Could Upgrade Your $500 to $6,667 in Just Over a Month

We expect our electronic devices to do more things than ever before... and hiccups in their performance could be very costly. But there’s a company out there that specializes in helping these devices run quickly and efficiently – and this semiconductor has already caught the attention of some big front traders. Follow their lead today and you could book a 1,334% gain is just over a month!

Update: This Front Trader Has One of the Greatest Track Records in History—And He Did It All Without Timing the Market

If you’ve ever thought about trying to time the stock market, think again. Some of the world’s best investors have tried – and failed, losing millions of dollars in the process. However, if you take the advice of today’s legendary front trader, you’ll learn how to worry less, and earn so much more. Let’s dive in…

Portfolio Update — Plus, Cashing in on the Impeachment Process

An impeachment inquiry announcement made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent analysts into a frenzy of speculation earlier this week. As Democrats and Republicans continue to squabble over proceedings into the next election cycle, market activity will likely remain volatile. In today’s update, Zach explains why that’s great news for our strategy.

This Isn’t Supposed to Happen…

The positions in our portfolio usually move steadily upward, increasing payments over time. But now, one of our biggest winners is one of our youngest trades… breaking our usual mold! And there could be time to add it to your portfolio before it climbs any higher. Here’s what you need to know.