Matt InsleyMatt Insley

Matt Insley is the Publisher of St. Paul Research and now The Daily Edge. Matt is the in-house specialist on commodities and natural resources. He holds a degree from the University of Maryland with a double major in Business and Environmental Economics.

Although always familiar with the financial markets, his main area of expertise stems from his background in the Agricultural and Natural Resources (AGNR) department. Over the past years he's stayed well ahead of the curve with forward thinking ideas in both resource stocks and hard commodities. Insley's commentary has been featured by MarketWatch.

Preparing for the Biden Presidency

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Robotic Overlords or Saviors?

Futurists have been promising a world full of robot workers for decades. Yet outside of factories and military drones, most of the advancements in robotics have led to little more than gimmicks and toys. But that’s all about to change…