Jody ChudleyJody Chudley

Jody Chudley is a contributing analyst to Lifetime Income Report and Contract Income Alert. Jody is a qualified accountant with a degree in Finance from Brandon University. After spending fifteen years in various finance and planning roles with an international financial institution, Jody set out to manage his portfolio on a full-time basis.

His background in finance has made him an expert in deciphering financial statements, and his Canadian base of operations has provided him with direct access to the resource sector. He has written for various websites and financial magazines with a focus on the resource sector and contrarian investment opportunities.

One of the Brightest Names in an Insane Bond Market

Bond yields are falling as we speak… and you might think that’s terrible news for our Alpha Contracts. But think again! While other investors are accepting terrible returns, our high-yield bonds are still producing great results. In fact, one Alpha Contract position is doing better than ever – and it’s not too late to add this cash machine to your portfolio! Here’s how…

Its Stock Is a Disaster. But Its Bonds…

Congratulations on your recent winner! I’m sure there’s many ways you could put that cash to good use. In fact, I have the perfect bonds you could add to your portfolio right now… and they won’t stay this price for long. Here’s how to pick up these Alpha Contracts while they are still trading at a discount!