Chris MayerChris Mayer

Chris Mayer learned the art of valuing companies the hard way — clocking a decade as a corporate banker while also earning his MBA. He never lost money on a single deal. In 2004, he founded Capital & Crisis, making his one-of-a-kind research available to the general public. His second letter, Mayer’s Special Situations, launched in 2006, expands his coverage and focuses on spinoffs, thrift conversions, stocks from around the world and more.

Chris has been quoted many times by MarketWatch and has been a guest on Forbes on Fox, Fox Business, CNN Radio and Russia Today TV and has made multiple CNBC and radio appearances. He’s also contributed to The Washington Post. Chris travels the world looking for great ideas and insights for his readers.

Chris shared his investing wisdom in two books. His first, Invest Like a Dealmaker: Secrets From a Former Banking Insider, covers time-tested essential principles of investing. World Right Side Up: Investing Across Six Continents takes you on a round-the-world journey from Brazilian farmlands to Dubai’s gold souks, from Chinese shopping malls to South African markets. His big ideas will power your portfolio in the years ahead.

The Uranium Story You Haven’t Heard

Human beings are an accident prone species. Never is that truth more serious when it comes to nuclear energy. And no matter how safe we make it, the possibility for disaster is ever-present. Chris Mayer explains why this philosophy is important to remember while investing, especially for the long term. Read on...

The Right Hand Man of a Cult Investing Hero

However much times change, the markets remain the same. This sentiment has led many investors to serious gains throughout their careers. Chris Mayer reveals one such investor you've probably never heard of... Read on to discover who he is, why you should pay attention to him, and the interesting story of how he became so successful...

The World’s Cheapest Emerging Market

What emerging market trades for less than 6 times earnings and pays 4%? Here are a couple more clues about the country itself: Government debt is just 8% of the economy. (In the U.S., Japan and the EU, these percentages are over 100%.) And unemployment is only 6%. Give up? Chris Mayer has the answer...

The Dead-Head Fed And “The Only Road to Riches”

In May, the Fed’s tapering announcement created a giant fault line that shifted many markets. Housing and emerging markets (currency-related) have been hit the hardest, the quickest. Plus, it's hard to come away from all of this without thinking that the stock market is where it is largely because of the Fed's actions. The only thing we can do is manage our risks.

An Oil “Revelation”

This oil boom in the U.S. is still young. It still befuddles most geologist types, who can’t quite fathom how the cards have changed the game so fast. That said, in the face of all that new production and all those new discoveries, I am not a bull on oil prices. It may be too early to tell the winners and losers among the producers of oil. But there is one clear winner: the users of oil.