Beau HendersonBeau Henderson

Beau Henderson is a financial advisor, syndicated radio host and bestselling author. He writes and speaks internationally helping people create success with both money and life.

Through Beau’s numerous degrees and certifications, he has helped more than 3,000 families to discover their true relationship with money and equipped them to live a healthy, wealthy, fulfilled life.

How to Avoid a Nasty Surprise at Tax Time

Taking one simple precaution today could potentially save you thousands of dollars when it’s time to file your tax return. And an newly created tool can help make sure you do it correctly. In today’s update, Beau shows you how to avoid being surprised with an unexpected tax burden.

October’s Monthly Podcast

When it comes to financial and retirement planning, women are an immensely overlooked demographic — even when they’re sitting face-to-face with a financial adviser. In this month’s podcast, Beau sits down with founder of Purse Strings, Dr. Barbara Provost, to talk about this trend.