It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned investor or have never traded a stock in your life – our team will guide you through the markets’ twists and turns, helping you achieve maximum profits.

Our team is made up of some of the most experienced guru’s in the financial world. One is an ex-hedge fund manager who oversaw $20 million in individual client accounts as well as $20 million of his firm’s own money. Another is an experienced floor trader with over 25 years of experience – and is a frequent guest on CNN, Bloomberg TV, Fox Business Network, CNBC and more. 

Imagine having more than enough money to cover everyday expenses… send your kids and grandkids to the school of their dreams… experience exotic vacations and other luxuries… or even just fund a 100% worry-free retirement.
Think of what it would be like not having to watch every penny you earn… not having to depend on government handouts… not having to become a drain on your loved ones… or, really, never having money woes ever again.

We’ll show you:

  • How to invest in stocks that offer the highest returns – and send you regular cash payouts
  • Secrets for maximizing your investment income… using trading techniques the pros use
  • Tools for beating market insiders at their own game… earning big returns in short amounts of time
  • Social Security filing tips and tricks… ensuring you get everything you’re entitled to
  • And much more…

All with little risk to the cash you’ve worked so hard to earn so far.

For some customers, financial independence means a few hundred dollars a month extra so they can shower their grandchildren with gifts. For others it means traveling around the world with their husband or wife, taking cruises and enjoying fine dining. Yet others may want that exotic sports car they’ve lusted after for years.

We believe you deserve all of those things and more. That’s why we are here to deliver  unconventional, ground-breaking ideas that you aren’t hearing on mainstream news outlets.

All great ideas from the dawn of time have come from outside the mainstream. By the time you’re hearing of something in Time or Newsweek, the profit of that opportunity is far gone. We thrive on delivering on our promise of financial independence by bringing unique actionable ideas to the table every single day.

“...I'm a busy professional and I would not have the time or the clue of when to get these option trades in place. This has been a profitable experience so far. My options portfolio has grown by 400%.”

“If you want consistent gains, this is the team to be on.”

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“Great advice and many winning plays! We don’t win them all because you just can’t! My account is now “self-funded” off it’s profits in just 90 days!”

“I've worked with several financial outfits in the past and you are by far the most thorough, useful, and caring to see that we make money of any I've ever worked with.”

“Overall my experience with St. Paul Research has been superb….But the bottom line is I trust Zach and his team and that is not easy to come by.”

“I will recommend this company to all my friends and family. They have been doing a excellent job of getting me profits from big to bigger payouts. I know nothing about trading a they have been very good in guiding me.”

“I am VERY pleased with my experience with the Profit Wire and Dave Gonigam. What I like best are the Tuesday notifications that focus on ONE stock, rather than recommending many options, as is common with other companies. I like having clear information that tells me exactly what is recommended down to the number. Fantastic, and I am a life subscriber!”

“Weekly Wealth Alert has earned me more money than any other Agora product that I have tried (out of 40 services - many of which have come and gone).  This is second only to my own record with SPY options.”

Our top guru’s have been featured in: