Chemical Warfare: When Government Weaponizes Molecules

Long ago, when I was growing up in Pittsburgh, my family had a neighbor who lived across from our back yard. He was an older gentleman, then in his late-60s (which actually doesn’t seem so old these days).

Outwardly, the guy was a normal-looking man. He drove a taxicab for a living. In the summer and fall, he raised a beautiful vegetable garden. But he didn’t talk much.

When he did speak, though, it was odd. For example, if you asked him a question, he’d listen and then gasp for air, making a sucking sound. Then he’d kind of throw his voice at you and wheeze out what he wanted to say in a high-pitched tone.

One day, I summoned the courage to ask him why his voice was that way. He looked at me, sucked some air and said, “I was gassed back in the war.”

Soldiers advance through gas, World War I. Courtesy University of Kansas.[1]

That is, this man served in the U.S. Army in World War I in France. During one engagement, he was gassed by the Germans. His throat and lungs were injured and heavily scarred. He spent the rest of his life living with the wounds.

Speaking with this man and discussing what happened was the first time I ever heard the term “chemical warfare.”

He literally embodied the reality of what happens when people turn basic chemical compounds into weapons. In this case, German scientists utilized elemental chlorine gas on the battlefield. And in its own way, it was as deadly as whizzing bullets or exploding artillery shells.

This old vignette popped into my head not long ago, and here’s why…

I was thinking about how we’re all living with the effects of two other weaponized chemicals, namely the so-called “novel coronavirus” molecule and old-fashioned carbon dioxide.

Governments across the country and world have weaponized both molecules and are controlling, paring back and eliminating many basic freedoms.

Like my old neighbor, we’ll all live with the scars of these weaponized chemicals for many years to come.

Let’s dig into this…

First, you’ve probably seen images of coronavirus, such as here:

Illustration of novel coronavirus. Courtesy Stanford University.[2]

This beast looks much like an old naval sea-mine, a sphere full of high explosive with spikes on the outside which, when touched, trigger and detonate the package.

In fact, in an interesting coincidence of biochemistry, coronavirus bears many similarities to an old sea-mine.

According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), coronavirus particles, “are spherical and have mushroom-shaped proteins called spikes protruding from their surface, giving the particles a crown-like appearance. The spike binds and fuses to human cells, allowing the virus to gain entry.”[3]

A coronavirus molecule is a complex piece of chemical evolution wrapped in a small package. I mean “small” on a scale of really small things, as illustrated here:

Relative size of things, ranging down to coronavirus.[4]

A coronavirus molecule is much smaller than a human hair or tiny grain of sand. It’s smaller than a blood cell or even a microscopic dust particle.

Indeed, the width of a coronavirus molecule is quite a bit less than the wavelength of visible light. Thus, as a matter of physics and optics, the only way to see it is with an electron microscope.

Along these lines, it’s worth pointing out that a coronavirus molecule is definitely smaller than the weave of those facemasks that everyone has been wearing for the past year.

Which prompts me to point out that, as a matter of fundamental chemistry, masks are not an effective coronavirus filter. It’s like thinking that a chain link fence will stop a swarm of mosquitos. Nope… Doesn’t work that way.

And don’t get me wrong. I’m not reflexively anti-mask. I’m actually okay with masks in the sense that they can stop a lot of airborne crud. And they serve as a useful psychological tool to remind people that there’s a medical problem out there.

Used properly, masks elevate people’s awareness of a nasty (and still poorly understood) disease that you do not want to catch.

Then again, wearing a mask has also become a symbol of heavy-handed government control, literally to the point of tyranny.

You’ve likely heard stories of overzealous cops (and nebby civilians too!) being total jerks, busting everyday people going about innocent business.

The alleged “crime” is not wearing a mask, even just walking down the street. Stories like this are global, from Australia[5] to Great Britain[6] to Ohio.[7] And many more, perhaps near you. 

Beyond the level of merely outrageous over-policing, masks have come to represent how for the past year we’ve lived with destructive social and economic lockdowns across the country and even the world.

Stay home! Wear a mask! Yeah, right…

Over the past 12 months, we’ve watched vast swaths of the economy and culture get carpet-bombed. It’s everything from broad-brush small business shutdowns, to closed schools on a mass-scale, to budget-busting government spending scams justified by the idea of somehow “fighting back” against a dastardly molecule.

Along the way, coronavirus transformed from a mere molecule to a massive political gimmick. It’s not overstating the case to say that we even have a coronavirus president.

That is, with coronavirus as his excuse, Joe Biden ran a lazy, lame presidential campaign from his basement. Travel much? Meet the people? Explain things? Not at all… 

Meanwhile, as 2020 unfolded, the entire election process was reshaped (and warped, some might say) by coronavirus. Much of the voting process went haywire. Last fall I called it the “controlled demolition” of U.S. governance.

Throughout the campaign, and even now as president when Biden steps out into daylight, he’s wrapped up in one or more facemasks, such that he resembles a modern version of an Egyptian mummy.

Mummified-looking President Biden, wearing mask. Courtesy Dallas Morning News.[8]

Indeed, the many facemasks of Biden symbolize the shady, unseen nature of his two-month-old administration. Those masks dovetail with the mountains of executive orders he signs, edict after edict prepared in the recesses and shadows of the White House by unknown policy wonks, far from the light of any public debate.

More broadly, the Washington, D.C. facemask culture/couture has become emblematic of the shamelessly partisan nature of work coming out of Congress, hiding as it is behind steel fencing, razor wire and soldiers on Capitol Hill.

So from officious mask-police in the street to Biden’s dark-masked, bank robber style of governance, the traditional American system of political give and take has gone full throttle authoritarian.

It’s all due to a political crisis mentality ginned up to combat the coronavirus molecule. And it’s deadly to your freedom. In a manner of speaking, you’re being gassed.

Over a year ago, in Feb. 2020 I discussed how “disease control” would lead to “total control”.

Later, I discussed how the “pandemic surveillance state” was growing  in America and how we’re headed towards a new feudalism.

Well, now we’re here thanks to the novel coronavirus.

But it gets worse because of another molecule…

This next offending molecule is good old carbon dioxide (CO2), illustrated here:

Four ways to depict carbon dioxide. Courtesy University Center for Atmospheric Research.[9]

CO2 is many things. But for our purposes, it’s the product of combusting hydrocarbons with oxygen. The output is energy (in the form of heat), water vapor, unburned crud and CO2.

We are told that CO2 from combustion is somehow wrecking the balance of the atmosphere, leading to so-called “climate change” and much more.

This is not the time or place to debate the validity of much of what passes for climate science. In fact, many smart, sincere people are engaged in climate science across the world. And clearly, the climate is changing in many ways.

Perhaps the climate is changing due to major effects of CO2, as we are told.

Then again, perhaps the climate is altering at a humanly measurable scale due to a combination of other things that they teach in geology classes (or at least, they used to teach these things back at Harvard).

Perhaps the climate is changing due to things like moderations in solar flux, and/or subtle precession of the earth’s axis over time. Or due to massive human alterations to the landscape and seascape, driven by growing population and accelerated levels of development.

Where “chemical warfare” comes into this is the vast scale of political focus against CO2, meaning a hard push by (mostly) Western governments against fossil fuels in particular.

We’ve seen opposition to fossil fuels for many years and in many forms. Although it’s fair to say that President Biden’s administration has taken it all to new levels.

Biden campaigned and entered office promising a so-called “Green New Deal” and has in recent weeks ramped it up to a full blown war on barrels.

The immediate impact to everyday people is that the price of gasoline and diesel has risen by about 30% or more in the past two months. Right away you see it at the gas pump.

You’ll likely see more price increases across the economy as energy inflation hits everything else, from groceries on the shelf to the things you buy at big box stores, virtually all of which are manufactured far away and hauled to the point of sale.

Meanwhile, the political war on CO2 molecules is headed the way of all wars, namely mission-creep after mission-creep.

It begins as near as the tailpipe on your car or truck, if not how you heat your house in the winter. We see this already in Biden’s edicts directing the U.S. economy away from internal combustion engines (ICEs) towards electric vehicles (EVs), such as here.

Along those lines, look here too and here.

Sure, there’s money to be made if you invest ahead of where Biden’s government — or where his handlers, more like it — are pushing to take the country.

But if you’re wondering what a war on CO2 looks like, at root it’s a war on you… On people like you.

Because in so many ways, this kind of top-down, government dictated approach places you in the crosshairs of the bombsight. Once again, you’re being gassed.

When they come for Coronavirus or CO2, they’re coming for you. The bombs will fall on you

When mere molecules become the enemy — whether it’s coronavirus or CO2 — average citizens become unwilling combatants and inevitable casualties.

On that note, I rest my case.

That’s all for now… Thank you for subscribing and reading.

Best wishes,

Byron King

Byron King
Managing Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

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