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Alan Knuckman
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Chart of the Day: The FANGs are back in town

Greg Guenthner

Once again, the market is getting a little frothy.

We’re getting spoiled by a strong rally. But the market will need to digest these gains one of two ways: chopping along or pulling back. My guess is we see some form of a retreat soon.

As you already know, the tech sector remains an important market leader. However, some of these stocks also need a rest. I’ve seen tons of smaller, speculative tech names explode higher. Speculation has run rampant.

But as I told you in December some tech mega-caps have been lagging for months. Yet these household names also looked primed for gains. I even highlighted Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) as it climbed back above $500.

Now, we can credit NFLX with reigniting the FANG+ trade. A huge earnings beat this week lifted the stock to double-digit gains on Wednesday, pushing it back to its highs.

Here’s an updated chart:


“If this momentum continues,” I said more than a month ago, “we could see this stock make a run toward $560 and its all-time highs before the year ends…”

Well, I was off by a few weeks. To make up for it, NFLX has also helped Apple, Microsoft and Google find their collective mojo. Keep in mind, many of these FANG+ stocks were consolidating for months. They have plenty of room to run following their own powerful breakouts…

— Greg Guenthner

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