The GOP Needs a “Plan B”

Right now, as you’re reading these words, a momentous election is underway in Georgia.

As I’m sure you know, the results of this run-off for both of the Peach State’s Senate seats will determine the political direction of this country for the foreseeable future. This is a totally unprecedented occurrence in the storied history of American politics.

Another thing that makes this election so unique is what’s really being voted on — because it clearly isn’t the actual candidates. In my view (and there’s no way I’m alone in this), none of the candidates for these Georgia seats are especially appealing, on either side. So that must mean what’s actually driving the historic turnout for this election is the governing philosophies of America’s two major political parties.

Without a doubt, this is a referendum on core principles, the starkest one the United States has seen in modern history. Under ordinary circumstances, I wouldn’t be too worried about this, with Georgia the deciding battleground. That state has a consistent track record of resisting big-government liberalism and upholding freedom and self-determination.

But this is Donald Trump’s Republican Party, at least for the time being. And in my opinion, he has not been helping the GOP’s quest for these two Senate seats. In fact…

I think Trump may have been trying all along to sabotage the Georgia run-offs

I’ll tell you the hidden, diabolical reason why he could be doing that shortly. And once I do, I’ll bet dollars to donuts that you’ll agree. But first, let me just flesh out the case a bit…

Pretend you’re a hotshot Washington political consultant. You’re not affiliated to any particular party, just a “hired gun” strategist. Now imagine that it’s back in mid-November and President Trump has just asked you to map out an action plan he could use to ensure that Democrats win the Georgia runoff elections on Jan. 5 — but in a totally deniable way that’s not too obvious.

What would you advise him to do?

If I were that consultant, I might tell him to suppress Republican voter turnout in Georgia in the following ways:

1) Relentlessly message that the Nov. 3 national election was fraudulent and unfair — especially in Georgia. Throw in a lawsuit or three in the Peach State for good measure. Characterize the entire Georgia election process in both the presidential election and the runoff elections as illegal, invalid and unconstitutional. Make it seem fruitless for Republicans to turn out in big numbers, since it’s all rigged anyway.

2) A month before the election, throw a giant public rally ostensibly for the two GOP Senatorial candidates. Then barely let them speak about their vision for Georgia and America. Instead, use their rally as a forum to brag about your successes, rehash your grievances about the stolen presidency and whine about Democrats and the media.

3) Criticize and undermine Georgia’s Republican leaders. Imply that popular GOP Governor Brian Kemp is weak and corrupt for not gaming the system to keep you in the Oval Office. Even better: Call him obstructionist and demand his resignation. Also, give on-the-fence voters a reason to stay home by calling Georgia’s Secretary of State and pressuring him to “recalculate” your ballots a couple days before the runoffs.

4) Undermine and divide Senate Republicans as much as possible. Generally paint them as spineless and disloyal for not inventing creative new ways to extend your reign. Veto this year’s National Defense Authorization Act, too. Not only will this piss off Georgia, a major military state, it’ll also force McConnell to join with Senate Democrats to override you, making him and his GOP allies look like turncoats…

And when Congress passes another round of stimulus, denounce it as inadequate. Force Senate Republicans to either agree with you and look like fiscally irresponsible socialist wannabes — or disagree with you and look like stingy, heartless hacks leveraging the people’s misery for partisan gain. Whichever side they choose, Loeffler and Perdue will end up losing points with big chunks of the GOP electorate.

5) Create a rift in the GOP itself. Try to split the party into two camps: Those who are willing to ignore the courts, bend the rules and contort the process for your re-election bid — and those who aren’t, because they know it’s wrong and recognize the Nixonian impact it’s having on our system and nation. Make those who don’t back your schemes to remain in power fearful of losing the support of your voters in the future.

6) The night before the runoff, hold a too-little-too-late rally so that no one can accuse you of not caring about the election (or throwing it). Just like back in December, spend most of it talking about your own record and the fraud and corruption that threatens to steal your rightful presidency. But this time, focus to the point of numbness on shenanigans and discrepancies in the Georgia election process…

This will really deflate and disillusion your supporters, even as you assure them that they must turn out and vote. Repeatedly throw the state’s GOP leadership under the bus again, too. That can’t hurt. Oh, and prime the pump for your daughter Ivanka’s political future while you’re there. That way, the event’s not a total waste of time for you.

Sounds like a pretty good game plan to deniably throw an election, doesn’t it?

The problem is that it’s not just some imaginary scenario. It’s what President Donald Trump has actually done, and wrought, over the last two months. I could say more, too. The point is, it all seems to me like a carefully orchestrated plan to cost the GOP the Georgia runoffs without outwardly appearing to do so.

Now, before you dismiss this theory out of hand — and dismiss me as some never-Trump closet Commie — I’d ask you to spend the next 60 seconds considering the reason WHY the president might embark on such an outrageous and counter-intuitive course of action…

If things don’t get really bad, America won’t want (or need) Donald Trump back in the White House in 2024

Over the last four years, the American people have seen the great things Donald Trump can do for their bottom lines, their retirement portfolios, their tax burdens and their business prospects. They’ve also seen his ability to cut through red tape and get important things done fast (like Operation Warp Speed) — and his generally positive impact on the military and national security, illegal immigration, oppressive regulation and a lot more…

But they’ve also seen his worship of violent dictators, need for adulation, addiction to the spotlight, constant hyperbole, egotism, narcissism, petulance, mixed messaging, baffling inconsistency and general lack of likability.

And absent his promised proof of mass-scale, election-stealing fraud, these negative factors are clearly what carried the day on Nov. 3, as evidenced by the popular vote tally.

Now here’s where the knife twists: In the weeks since the 2020 presidential election, the people of this nation have also seen Trump’s sulking childishness, his king-like mentality, his pressure tactics and bullying behavior, his denial of facts and his ability to delude himself to a degree never before seen in an American president.

So with all that in mind, my question is very simple: At this point, what would have to happen for Donald Trump to win the presidency in 2024?

The answer is equally simple: Things in the U.S. would have to be so bad, so expensive, so weak, so woke, so progressive, so oppressive and so socialist

That Americans, especially the ones in the political middle-ground — independents and moderates of both parties — would be willing to tolerate Trump’s negatives in exchange for a return to the positives he delivered during his first term, before coronavirus.

It’s as simple as that. And you can probably see where I’m going with this now, right?

Pretty much everyone, friend and foe alike, seems to maintain that Donald Trump is a masterful big-picture strategist and move-maker. If that is indeed true, I think it’s entirely possible that the president is surreptitiously trying to create the biggest mess he can in America — in order to increase the chances that he’s brought back in to clean it up in 2024. The linchpin of this master plan, obviously, would be Democrat control of government.

Because think about it: If the GOP holds the Senate against a Biden presidency and a narrowly Democrat House, ensuring that power in Washington remains divided…

That’ll probably mean the country does not go hard-left into socialism and we all basically end up OK — just a little poorer and less free as the liberals win a few here and there.

But in THAT America, there’s no need for a guy like Donald Trump in the White House.

So in order for him to return to power, the Democrats have to win these Georgia runoffs, run the whole shebang and affect massive, chaotic change in America. To facilitate that end, Trump could be trying to ensure that the jackasses get enough rope to hang themselves, as the old saying goes. To me, that’s the only plausible explanation for his actions since the November election.

But in a way, I hope I’m giving him too much credit with this theory — and that he’s just a narcissistic ass-hat blundering along in his own little world of denial and delusion. Because if everything I’ve just laid out is true, it means that Trump’s willing to blow up his party, his country and the happiness, wealth and well-being of millions of Americans to get back into the Big Chair…

Either way, deluded or diabolical, is that the kind of person you want in the White House?

Bottom line: If the Georgia runoffs turn the Senate blue, by hook or by crook — and that’s looking uncomfortably possible right about now from everything I’m seeing…

McConnell and the GOP are going to need a “Plan B” to save the American Way. I have a few ideas about some of the things such a plan might entail. But we’ll get into that stuff in my next article, in 10 days or so. If these two elections are even settled by then.

Hopefully, the Senate will stay decisively red, and we won’t need to think that (for now).

Apprehensively Yours,

Jim Amrhein
Freedoms Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

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