It’s the Cycle of Life – and the Markets

Winter has barely begun on Lake Superior. But the local snowplow has already mowed down my mailbox…

So I decided it was time to get serious…

It took me three days to replace my mailbox protector. I dug a deeper foundation for the posts to strengthen the base for its next snowstorm.

More heavy lifting is coming in the days ahead. Now that my mailbox is battle ready, it’s time to move big rocks to protect my property. The big lake doesn’t give up its dead and is killing my sand dune.

I have to get excavators lined up before the quarry closes for winter. I think I only need 20 of the four-ton boulders but rock engineers came back with 900 ton estimate so we are bit apart.

The good news is the lake is off last year’s record highs – but recent storms caused epic erosion damage. The gales of November revealed an old sea wall from the 60’s that held the lake back before 50 plus years of sand build up…


Either the water is too low and we have too much sand, or the water is too high and the waves are too big. It’s the cycle of life – and the markets – hard at work.

Like in the markets, I have learned not to fight the forces. Instead, I just enjoy the current conditions because the powers at play are much bigger than me…

Keep it In the Money,

Alan Knuckman

Alan Knuckman
Editor, In-The-Money

Chart of the day: Up, up, and away!

Greg Guenthner

The Nasdaq Composite has broken free.

After bumping up against resistance for almost three months, America’s tech index is blasting off to new all-time highs. A year-end melt up is in full swing and traders are enjoying the spoils of the bull market.

The Nasdaq is now up more than 38% in 2020 – an amazing feat considering we’ve been stuck in the midst of a global pandemic for the past nine months. And the Thanksgiving week breakout couldn’t be more clear…


Stocks won’t rise like this forever, of course. Right now, we’re enjoying a nice holiday lull in the news cycle mixed with some healthy optimism heading into 2021. This is a great opportunity for traders to remain aggressive, take profits, and plan for additional market rotation as Christmas and the New Year approach.

— Greg Guenthner

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