Georgia: The GOP’s Alamo — and Maybe America’s

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s comments from this past Saturday should’ve sent a chill down the spine of every freedom-loving American…

In case you missed it, Schumer said — while triumphantly pumping his fist at a New York celebration of Joe Biden’s declared win in the 2020 presidential election:

“Now we take Georgia. Then we change America.”

Whether Biden ends up in the Oval Office or not remains to be seen. But after that quote, what can no longer remain ambiguous in any way is the Democratic Party’s agenda to radically remake this country to their own quasi-socialist specifications.

I’m talking about thing like:

  • Sky-high taxes that’ll further distress citizens and businesses that are already reeling from the coronavirus
  • Ridiculous new “green” regulations that’ll barely help the atmosphere, but will cost Americans billions in increased energy costs — not to mention jobs
  • A total surrender to criminals everywhere, and the abandonment of our nation’s once-great cities to lawlessness and chaos
  • Full sanctuary and recipient status for virtually anyone who can get across our borders
  • Tyrannical infringement of our constitutionally guaranteed right to guns (and to free speech, come to think of it)

Plus for good measure, our nearly complete submission to China for manufactured goods, critical raw materials and supplies, communications technology, etc. — and to OPEC and other foreign producers for our oil.

With Trump’s defeat looking likely, the only bulwark against this avalanche of anti-Americanism is the United States Senate. For our nation to remain intact, basically as we know it, the GOP must hold this chamber at all costs. It’s a political Alamo. Without it, there may as well have been a “blue wave” in 2020…

Because even if Joe Biden does have a moderate’s heart (which is debatable), he does not have the backbone, will, energy, or political capital to effectively resist the relentless leftward lurch of his party.

The big question is…

Will Trump help or hurt the GOP’s chances of winning the Georgia Senate run-offs?

A few days ago, I saw a fairly major commentator suggest that it was undoubtedly Trump’s influence that caused the Republicans to pick up so many seats in the House and to hold the line at only one net seat lost (so far) in the Senate.

But I sincerely hope that’s not the case. What I hope is that pretty much every GOP voter understands that controlling Congress is the real key to thwarting policies they consider destructive, needless, counter-productive, or anti-American.

What difference does it make why people vote Republican, you’re wondering?

It matters because this is an extremely unusual election, in three ways:

1) There are TWO run-offs in the same state, both of which are absolutely critical to the balance of power

2) The presidency is not yet clearly decided — and being contested in a very disorderly and contentious manner, by appearances

3) The pandemic spurred a bunch of new laws, procedures, and rules that create further confusion and acrimony in deciding the presidency

Actually, when I list these things out, “extremely unusual” seems like a drastic understatement. “Totally unique and unprecedented” would be more accurate.

My point is this: With the presidency still technically up in the air — and Trump’s struggle to retain it likely to get increasingly heated as the contest plays out…

Does that fight help or hurt the GOP’s chances in those all-important Senate races?

Put another way: Would two more months worth of bitter judicial jujitsu over the presidency help galvanize the resolve of Georgia voters to push the Senate to a two-seat Republican majority?

Or will Trump’s inevitable name-calling, wild accusations, and generally undignified conduct disgust and alienate the middle-ground and lower-intensity voters the GOP so desperately needs to convert in this case?

That’s what really worries me about all this…

Bottom line: If loyalty and enthusiasm for Donald Trump is what actually turned all those House seats red and held the line so impressively in the Senate (the GOP had 23 seats to defend, the Democrats only 12)…

Then I think the longer the presidential contest takes to play out, and the uglier it gets, the worse it may be for the GOP in Georgia on Jan. 5.

If, on the other hand, the main reason Republicans over-achieved on Election Day is because the American electorate is smart enough to grasp the gravity of things in this republic right now, I think those two Georgia seats go red with ease.

To be clear: I’m not saying Trump should concede — he has every right to contest the results of this election and plenty of legitimate reasons to do it, it seems. I’m also not saying that he should keep quiet about it, or avoid aggressively campaigning for Loeffler and Perdue in Georgia.

I’m only saying that I hope all those things add up to a net positive for these two candidates in their respective Senate races. Because God knows the Democrats are going to throw everything under the sun at them: money, lawyers, celebrities, politicians — and maybe even some shenanigans, too…

I actually heard yesterday about a rumored movement to relocate huge numbers of out-of-state Democrats to Georgia between now and Jan. 5 to boost the vote tally for Warnock and Ossoff. I wouldn’t put it past them.

Because who knows what’s possible in this crazy election, right?

When the Dems Went Down to Georgia: A Parody Homage

The first record I ever bought in my life was a 45RPM single of The Devil Went Down to Georgia, by the Charlie Daniels Band. That song went megaton when I was 10 years old, and I loved it.

Anyway, as I was driving along some country roads near my house the other day at dusk, watching the deer emerge from their thickets into newly-sprouted fields of winter wheat, the bones of a parody version of this song popped into my head…

I fleshed it out over a couple of days and present it here as a fun wrap-up to my thoughts/worries about the Georgia Senate contests, which I now consider more important for the GOP — and the nation overall — than the presidential election.

For anyone over 50, this might produce a chuckle. Or not. Either way, here it is:

When the Dems Went Down to Georgia

The Dems went on down to Georgia
That Senate they were lookin’ to steal,
They were in a bind, because Americans mind
High taxes and the Green New Deal.

Well, they came across an orange man
Blowing up Twitter with voter-fraud plots,
So Schumer jumped up on a live oak stump
And started spewing out leftist rot…

“The country may not know it
But I lead the socialist crew,
And if you dare to fight us fair
I’ve got a challenge for you.”

“Now you run a pretty good race, ol’ boy
But give us swamp-things our due,
I’ll bet America’s soul that before you roll
We’ll turn this red state blue.”

The man said “My name’s Donny
And you can lose that evil grin,
I’ll take your dare and beat you square
Cuz’ liberty always wins.”

Donny, you rally up your base and pitch that middle hard
There’s hell to pay in Georgia and our freedom you must guard,
If you play things right that precious Senate we’ll control…
But if you don’t the pinkos will take hold!

Schumer held his arms outstretched and said, “Here comes the dough!”
And cash flew from his fingertips like a funding tornado,
His minions unleashed scads of ads that promised leftist bliss
Then a band of greenies woke Joe up, and told him who to diss.

When the liberals finished, Donny said, “Yeah, Biden might’ve won
But when it comes to changing Washington, I’m the farthest thing from done.”

“Liar in the White House — hates your guns!
The Democrats chose China’s favorite son!
Hunter’s in the shadows, scooping up dough!
Kamala and The Squad point him where to go!”

All the liberals hung their heads once they’d learned of their defeat
And his pledge to change America turned to ash at Schumer’s feet
Donny said, “Chuckie, just come back down if you ever want to lose some more
I promise this much, you Marxist hack: I’ll be back in ’24!”

“Liar in the White House — hates your guns!
The Democrats chose China’s favorite son!
Hunter’s in the shadows, scooping up dough!
Kamala and The Squad point him where to go!”

As always, please take this in the spirit in which it’s intended…

Remember, too — these stupid song parodies of mine do not necessarily reflect the sentiments of Whiskey & Gunpowder’s management, personnel, readership, or even my own, entirely. Sometimes I’m just trying to be funny.

Today, though, I’m mainly trying to hammer home a point: If you love America, liberty, and the healthy, divided, checks-and-balances kind of government our founders envisioned…

What’s unfolding in Georgia right now isn’t funny at all. It’s gravely serious.

Fiddlingly Yours,

Jim Amrhein

Jim Amrhein
Freedoms Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

P.S. The world lost Charlie Daniels on July 6 of this year. I didn’t know the man, or a huge amount about him — but I hope that if he were here today, he’d get a laugh out of my twisted 2020 take on his great song. Or at the very least, not be offended by it.

I say also, as usual, that any resemblance to other parody versions of The Devil Went Down to Georgia that have somehow sprung up over the last nine days is purely coincidental. I have not seen any such, or even Googled it, now that I mention.

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