2020 Election Lessons for America and the GOP

No data-heavy election analysis from me today — just some quick-and-dirty takeaways from the 2020 election cycle that I think are important to note and to remember for the future, especially for Republicans.

As I sit down to write this piece, it’s 7:58 AM on Wednesday, the day after Election Day. And at this time, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden appear to have plausible paths to the presidency in the electoral tally. It also appears increasingly likely that this race will end up being decided by the courts, to one degree or another…

But regardless of who ends up winning this close contest, or how they win it, there are several pivotal things I think this election cycle has revealed — or proven beyond any possible doubt.


I don’t have to cite the actual data spreads and incorrect predictions of individual 2020 election polls to make this point. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain. Even some Big Media pundits are admitting it, speaking of the half-brained…

Projections of single-digit odds for Trump’s re-election, huge leads for Biden in key swing states (17 points in Wisconsin, seriously?), big “blue waves” overwhelmingly taking over America’s government — they all clearly missed the mark by a mile. Just like back in 2016.

So with this pattern in evidence, we must now ask the question: Is this about flawed polling methodology, or are polling organizations biased toward Democrats?

Here’s the telltale twist: If it’s all just innocent ineptitude, how come the polls never seem to grossly overestimate GOP performance? In a truly random dispersion of polling results — all of it inept to a similar degree — Republicans should be the beneficiaries of over-projection as often as Democrats. Yet they aren’t.


If there’s one thing this election makes unmistakably clear once and for all, it’s that any Republican who wins national office these days has defeated not just the opposing candidate, but two other extremely powerful adversaries:

The Big Media establishment and the Big Tech oligarchy.

For instance, research has shown that as much as 92% of the mainstream media’s coverage of President Trump has been negative, and highly selective of its material to downplay his accomplishments. I’d have to believe GOP candidates down-ticket are getting similar treatment.

Now couple that with social media’s blatant censorship of content that’s unflattering to Democrats, plus their outright manipulation of votes and sentiment via skewed search results and other insidious measures (see Dr. Robert Epstein’s July 2019 testimony before Congress — if you can find it on Google)…

And it should now be totally obvious to all Americans that Big Media and Big Tech are nothing more than shadow factions of the Democratic Party. Yet Republicans continue to hold their own (or win) in national elections, despite being regularly outspent — sometimes by shocking amounts.

What does that tell you about the real ideological soul of this country?


Though it can’t really be argued that Trump broke new ground with female voters, it also can’t be denied that his support among minorities and blue collar or unionized voters of all kinds has grown far stronger than anyone on The Left ever imagined.

And I’ll guarantee that this one factor, more than any other, has the Democratic Party scared out of its wits. Because if one polarizing maverick outsider like Donald freakin’ Trump can so easily cut into some of the core constituencies they take for granted every election…

Washington’s jackasses have to be living in fear right now about what inroads an earnest GOP full-court-press could make in these blocs of support, moving forward. In my opinion, this is key to the future of the Republican Party, and I think now they finally realize it.


The 2020 election saw record-setting voter turnout — the most in more than 100 years, by percentage. Approximately 160 million Americans voted in one way or another, or roughly 67% of the electorate. That’s an increase of almost 17% over 2016’s turnout…

And it all happened in the middle of a worsening nationwide pandemic that has made millions of Americans (especially seniors, traditionally one of the most reliable voting blocs) deathly afraid of public places and crowds. Amazing. This means the American people are suddenly more plugged-in to what’s going on in their government than ever before in modern history.

That spells big trouble for those who want to take this nation hard left.


I laid this out, in detail, in a piece last month on Trump and the coronavirus. But I heard Brit Hume say pretty much the same thing early in Fox’s election coverage last night, so I think it bears repeating here: If Trump loses this election on the margins, it’ll very likely be because of the coronavirus, which surveys have shown to be one of the most important issues to American voters.

But it won’t be due to Trump’s official actions on the pandemic, which have been appropriate, strong, and decisive. It’ll be because of his downplaying of the dangers, mixed messaging on control guidance, frequent undermining of his own experts, and his own cavalier attitude toward basic mitigation measures, especially at his rallies.

Further, the fact that he caught the virus himself — as perhaps the most protected person in the world — made him look careless and out of touch, while making the disease look that much more contagious and insidious. His rallies also made it easy for people to view Trump as being willing to sacrifice the lives of a certain number of Americans to serve his own narcissistic need for adulation. Not a good look.

There are more early takeaways I could talk about here, too.

Like the fact that Democrats thrive (and maybe somewhat depend) on violence and unrest — and that they can’t outright buy election results…

That we badly need election reform in America, but no politician will push it once having been successfully elected under the existing corrupt system…

And that regardless of who ends up winning this election, it’s unmistakably clear that America does NOT want across-the-board socialism, or anything like it.

If that ever happens in our country, it’ll be through deception, betrayal, and force, not the voluntary, clear-eyed choice of We, the People.

But make no mistake: The endgame of the Democratic Party’s true leadership is some form of neo- or quasi-socialism in American.

The Harris-Biden… er, Biden-Harris ticket is the opening gambit of that strategy.

We must all be mindful of that, moving forward, however this contest shakes out.

Vigilantly Yours,

Jim Amrhein

Jim Amrhein
Freedoms Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

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