Will the Democrats Double-Cross Biden?

“I get it — yeah, yeah. My thinking about this case has become so uptight!”

— The Dude, in The Big Lebowski (1998)

For those who haven’t seen The Big Lebowski, it’s a neo-noir crime comedy that’s become a cult classic in the 22 years since its release. I mention it now because in one of the film’s most pivotal scenes, The Dude — the movie’s anti-hero protagonist, played to immortal perfection by the great Jeff Bridges — has an epiphany about a million-dollar shakedown scheme perpetrated by another character’s father…

Does that sound a little bit familiar to you right about now?

If you rely on Big Media and Big Tech for your information, it might not ring a bell. But if you’re following any of the few remaining actual journalists out there, you’re no doubt aware of the sticky wicket the Biden family’s high-dollar international business dealings could create for their patriarch, Democrat candidate Joe Biden.

You’d also be up on the story if you’ve been reading my stuff in this forum. In fact, I more or less predicted what’s happening right now in a piece from Feb. 11 of this year, in the heat of the primary race:

Let’s say McConnell’s got the goods on Biden… that the rabbit hole goes even deeper than anything we’ve heard so far. Why reveal all the evidence and knock him out now?

It would make more sense to take the focus off Biden for now… Then once he’s the nominee, you let him gaffe around for a few weeks, and BOOM.”

You nuke him out of the contest in October with incontrovertible evidence proving he and his family are as crooked as, well, politicians.”

Then in a March 5 article, I called Biden:

The same ‘middle class Joe’ who has somehow managed to rake in $15 million for himself and his wife…  whose family’s bizarre and colorful business history is sketchy at best, perhaps criminal at worst.”

And on May 7, I said:

“Whether in public office or private business, there’s a disconcerting coziness that seems to exist between the Biden family and the PRC. And I think it potentially brings questions of allegiance and vulnerability into play…

What if some of Hunter Biden’s future Chinese dealings… were to prove unethical, illegal, or a risk to U.S. national security while Shanghai Joe’s in the Oval Office?

Wouldn’t something like that be powerful material for blackmail, or at least heavy pressure, in the hands of a government as ruthlessly bent on advantage and world domination as the People’s Republic of China has shown itself to be?”

I could go on, too. Point is, I’ve been pondering the Biden family financial and political situation for a long time now. And I was thinking about it again last Friday night when I had a Lebowski-esque moment of clarity and expansive thinking that connected a whole lot of dots.

There’s a checkmate move that could scoop up all the marbles for the Democrats

Yeah, I realize that I just mixed metaphors there, a Cardinal Sin of good writing. But I did it on purpose…

Because it’s a good way to encompass, quick-and-dirty, the diabolically brilliant political maneuver that could take shape if the jackasses sweep next week.

First, here are the “marbles” — meaning objectives that are no doubt priorities for the Democrats and their media minions over the next few years:

  • Usher Harris into the Oval Office in the most plausible way possible once Biden’s usefulness as a rubber-stamp is exhausted — and/or his gaffes, double-talk, or shady past dealings begin to damage the party image.
  • Sweep away the oldest relics of the Democratic Party (like Biden), making room for the younger, more diverse replacement crop of leftist radicals that’s waiting in the wings, and more appealing to millennial and Gen Z voters.
  • Cement the perception beyond any possible doubt that the Democrats are the party of transparency, bipartisanship, and integrity — while simultaneously casting the GOP in the opposite light.
  • Rebuild Big Media’s appearance of credibility and objectivity, so they can even more effectively help Democrats guilt-trip and hoodwink productive, hard-working Americans into giving up their liberty and money.

Now imagine the incredible political advantage the Democratic Party might have if they could pull all this off. And if they hit the trifecta next week, there’s one “checkmate move” that I believe could accomplish these things…

They could impeach Joe Biden early in his presidency.

Before you dismiss this out of hand, think about it for just one minute.

Regardless of the election outcome, Republicans have already signaled that they’re not going to give the Biden family a pass for all the foreign financial shenanigans they may have taken part in. Nor should they — or it’ll look like they made the whole thing up as an election-year political ploy…

But remember: The real leaders of the new, quasi-socialist Democratic Party don’t want a Biden presidency anyway

He’s just the only horse in their stable who had a legitimate chance to beat Trump head-to-head in the presidential race. But to his party’s true leaders, Joe Biden is nothing more than a useful idiot.

So if he gets elected — and if the heat on him subsequently gets too hot — I think the Democrats could easily conclude that they’ll gain more than they lose by joining Republicans in throwing Biden under the bus.

In so doing, they’d rob the GOP of the ability to milk the issue of the Big Guy’s finances into the midterms and beyond…

They’d also look like the paragon of political virtue for self-policing and bridging partisan divisions in the name of justice and the Rule of Law…

And they’d tee up the ultimate softball opportunity for their Big Media cronies to seem like objective, hard-nosed, and impartial reporters and investigators.

Beyond all that, if they enact all their most radical, Far Left policies right out of the gate with a compliant Biden as passionate front-man…

They’d set him up as a fall guy they can blame later for the detrimental effects these policies will have on the nation. This would also carry the bonus benefit of making the new wave of closet Commies running the Democratic Party seem temperate and moderate by comparison.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like pretty much all the marbles to me.

Several pundits have suggested that if elected, Biden will “voluntarily” step down at some point in his first term, for one reason or another. This would allow Kamala Harris to assume the presidency unchallenged, in midstream. But in my opinion, this would be a very risky precedent to set, and it carries serious downsides.

Aside from casting doubt on the sincerity of virtually any presidential candidate to come later, such a move would make the Democrats look extremely deceitful. Unless Biden actually has a stroke or something, they’d look like they ran a straw candidate for the election (which they did), with the premeditated intention of replacing him later with a radical president that could never have been elected legitimately.

However, if the Democrats could come up with a way to impeach Biden, they’d be able to replace him in a way that no one could ever second-guess.

The million-dollar question is this…

Could a President Biden be impeached for things that happened before he got elected?

As nearly as I can deduce, the law is not set in stone on that one. I’m no attorney, but the language of the Constitution does not seem to prohibit impeachment for crimes or transgressions that occurred prior to taking office. There are precedents on both sides of that argument, too…

It also seems to remain infuriatingly unclear whether or not a president can even be indicted and tried while in office — for any kind of crime at all. Or whether crimes discovered to have been committed while holding a prior federal post (like Senator or VP) could result in a sitting president’s impeachment and removal from office.

Bottom line: As we’ve seen in Trump’s case and others, there’s an awful lot of gray area, muddy water, and uncharted territory surrounding presidential prosecutions, trials and impeachments. That’s nowhere near settled law, any of it.

This suggests to me that if sufficient evidence of criminality came out about Biden’s past dealings after he became president, Congress could very likely find a way to impeach him. Especially if his own party was the one in power, and leading the charge. I’d like to believe that’s true, anyway.

I mean, if DNA evidence had surfaced shortly after Trump’s election proving he’d actually shot someone on 5th Avenue in January of 2016 — instead of just joking about it on the campaign trail, like he did…

I would hope that the GOP-controlled Congress of that time could’ve (and would’ve) ousted him from office over it. If a way to do that doesn’t exist, it damn well should.

Now, you might be thinking that this is all way out of left field, no pun intended.

But if you know me at all, you know that tin-foil-hat conspiracy stuff is not my natural habitat. I live in Realville, not Crazytown. And writing to you from that particular zip code…

I really do think it’s possible that what I’ve laid out here could happen if the Democrats end up decisively in control of America’s government — and if the cards fall a certain way with regard to the Biden family’s secretive side hustles.

That’s because unlike the mostly fruitless investigations of Trump so far, there’s plenty of smoke to suggest that the Bidens have been up to some serious no-good, and for years. The Democrats must know this, too. And they aren’t stupid, or particularly loyal…

In other words: If they can shear and slaughter one doddering old ram to ensure that their flock of young, vigorous political lambs will rule the farm for years to come, I think they’ll do it.

Lastly — when considering the chances of this — I’d ask you to remember all the surreal and crazy things that have occurred in American politics over just the last few years that you no doubt believed could never happen

Not the least of which being the election of Donald Trump as president.

Through that lens, the notion that the Democrats might sacrifice Biden for the greater good of their party doesn’t really seem too far-fetched at all, does it?

Abidingly Yours,

Jim Amrhein

Jim Amrhein
Freedoms Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

P.S. If anyone out there has proposed a scenario similar to the one I just laid out, I assure you that I have not seen it — or anything like it. I came up with this entirely on my own. If someone else did, too, bravo to them for being smarter and quicker on the draw than I am.

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