Video Update: The Power Of Options!

Happy Friday, and welcome to your weekly one-on-one video!

As a member of The Rapid Riches Report, I know that you’re serious about getting to know the stock market inside and out…

And generating outsized returns in the process!

So each week, I’ll be touching base with you personally on this exclusive one-on-one video… cutting through the market noise to let you know what’s important.

I’ll give you an insider’s look into what I’m seeing in the markets, update you on positions in our portfolio, or dive into any burning questions you might have.

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This week, Jonathan and I talk about why we trade with options, how the Fed is going to support the market however they can, and how you can take big profits when you see them!

I truly hope you enjoy this week’s one-on-one briefing…

But this won’t be nearly as much fun if I don’t hear from YOU.

So if you have anything you’re interested in hearing about in next week’s one-on-one call, shoot me an email at

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To Your Rapid Riches,

Alan Knuckman

Alan Knuckman
Editor-in-Chief, Rapid Riches Report

P.S. Today we have the second half of our September penny contract trade on the SPY coming off the board. We already closed out half of this trade at a 100% gain, and the remaining half of the trade will be removed from your account automatically by your broker by the end of the day. Stay tuned for your next penny contract trade in next month’s issue!

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