The Bidenstein Monster

Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel, Frankenstein, is about a humanoid creature assembled from body parts that ends up harming or destroying pretty much everything it comes into contact with — and taking horrible revenge on its creator for manipulating its destiny.

And if we’re not careful, our 2020 election could end up being a similar story…

bidensteinOne of a humanoid president assembled from left-wing political parts that harms or destroys pretty much all of America’s core institutions and industries — and takes horrible revenge against people like you and me for daring to manipulate our own destinies toward wealth and freedom.1

One big difference in the two stories is that the man-made creature in Frankenstein gets smarter, more capable, craftier, more inventive and more eloquent as the tale unfolds…

While the real-life, party-made creature known as Joe Biden appears to be getting less of these things over time. It’s also debatable whether Biden’s ever had an original thought — so much of his political life being marked by the appropriation of other people’s ideas, words and platforms.

But these “qualities” are exactly why he’s a dream candidate for America’s Far Left.

Why the left likes Biden: He’s electable and direct-able

In their perfect-world scenario — in which a woke army of college-campus commie-larvae take over the government by force — the radical left-wing movement in this country would never anoint Joe Biden as its Chairman or General Secretary after such a coup…

But in the real world, where America still has a president, and that president must still be elected, Joe Biden is the best candidate the Far Left could ever hope for. He’s as familiar as anyone with the real exercise of power in the murky backwaters of Washington. It’s also obvious that he’s confused and forgetful enough to be easily handled and led. Rounding out the trifecta, he has big ambitions but few real convictions, it seems.

I say that because even before the brain-fog, Joe Biden showed himself to be totally malleable when it comes to policy. Perhaps the greatest flip-flopper in Washington history who’s still living (technically), Biden has been on both sides of a dizzying number of issues in his 47+ years in the swamp.

Abortion, border barriers, illegal immigration, criminal justice reform, welfare reform, the Iraq war, the War on Drugs, same-sex marriage, car emissions standards, coal, fracking — you name it, Swampy Joe has been both for it and against it at one point or another, most likely. Or for it before he was against it. Or vice versa.

In the interest of fairness, however, it must be noted that Joe Biden has been remarkably consistent on at least two things his entire political career, as far as I can tell: Willingness to infringe upon your 2nd Amendment rights and support for The People’s Republic of China, which I covered in my May 7 article in this forum.

But now that he’s in the hunt for the presidency, Biden’s been steadily ramping up the tough talk on the PRC. This kicked into a higher gear after he equated Trump’s decision to ban certain travelers from China “hysterical xenophobia” and “fear mongering” back in January. Apparently, that didn’t poll well, so they changed the script on his teleprompter.

Again, the point is that in Joe Biden, the radicals who are taking over the Democratic Party have a perfect candidate and president: His past reputation as a moderate everyman with broadly diverse support make him eminently electable…

While his willingness to reverse prior positions, rely on other people’s ideas and words — and very likely a decreasing ability to remember what he said (or thought) just a short time earlier makes him eminently direct-able.

This combination spells big trouble for America…

Of course, lots of people have suggested that Biden would be a puppet president — and what does that tell you?

Every president has dealt with accusations or criticism about being beholden to private-sector or big business special interests that got him elected.

However, I can’t think of any other presidential candidate that’s ever been as openly or widely perceived as being little more than a vessel for special political interests within his or her own party than Joe Biden. This angle has been part of the center/right resistance dialogue for months now, and rightly so. But I see this perception permeating the culture at large, too.

For instance, when I sat down to write this piece, I’d hoped I might be the first to directly compare Biden to Frankenstein’s monster. No such luck — a quick search revealed that several others had beaten me to it…

Same deal with equating Biden to the lovable corpse from Weekend at Bernie’s, and the teleprompter-dependent airhead Ron Burgundy from Anchorman. I considered using these comparisons as a framework for this article as well, but they’re already floating around out there in various places, especially social media.

This tells me that a lot of people on both sides of the aisle — some of whom no doubt take heart in the notion — believe that a Biden presidency is likely to be influenced or directed by other people to an unprecedented degree. That’s why just about every major mainstream media outlet has postulated about how historically critical and consequential Biden’s VP pick could be to America’s future.

Biden himself has even characterized his potential presidency as being a “transition” to a new, younger generation of democrat leaders, and has suggested that it’ll only be a one-term affair, in all likelihood. He’s also talked about being an “old guy,” and the importance of his VP being “able to take over immediately.”

You add all this up and it feels very much like everybody knows Joe Biden really wants to be president — but a lot fewer people really think Biden has a mind of his own, or is guided by a strong internal political compass anymore. Whether this is because of his long history of flip-flopping or perceptions of his shaky mental acuity (or both) is irrelevant.

What’s relevant is that it’s an extremely dangerous precedent for liberty and the American Way when the party in power’s focus shifts away from convincing millions of voters that their policies and programs are what’s best for the country…

And toward manipulating an increasingly feeble-minded president who’s not the least bit concerned about re-election to simply “sign here” for the good of his party.

If Biden wins the White House, you can bet your last dollar (maybe literally) that this is exactly what’s going to happen over the next four years — especially if the democrats take the House and Senate, too.

This should scare the franks and beans out of anyone who cares about America, both as a nation and an ideal

If I’m right, the next 100 days here are going to play out a lot like the same time period in every other presidential election in modern memory. The Democrat candidate is going to sound more and more moderate and centrist as time goes on…

And this shift will really ramp up after the convention, whatever form that ends up taking. It’s already starting to happen now that Biden’s the presumptive nominee. As a bonus, the coronavirus crisis gives him the cover he needs to avoid talking too much about controversial stuff like fracking bans, tax hikes and socialism.

Point is, by the time Election Day rolls around, Big Media will have painted Biden as being just like Trump in all the right ways — while still being the moderate Friend of the Working Stiff he’s always portrayed himself to be.

They’ll also claim he’s a China hawk, a tax reformer instead of tax-raiser, that his gun-control ideas are “common sense,” and that his perfectly reasonable green agenda is really going to cost you nothing, while being a huge boon to American jobs, especially in rural areas. But all that stuff is fodder for the masses of voters who haven’t really dug into the facts behind Joe Biden’s 2020 run, and won’t.

Actually, his game-plan to get elected is diabolically brilliant. He’s letting the media handle the PR for the older voters who get their info through TV and conventional media, and want very much to believe that Biden’s still the moderate Joe Lunchbox they know…

Meanwhile, he’s using the Web and social media to resonate with the younger voters who want ever-more change toward practical socialism, radical environmentalism and militant political correctness, liberty and prosperity be damned.

He’s trying to be all these things to all these people, and doing a pretty good job of it. You can prove this to yourself by going to Biden’s big red-white-and-blue Web site and reading the ambitious, yet vague platform agendas for yourself.

The problems begin when you try to imagine how we’re going to accomplish them without turning our system inside out and our way of life upside down.

In particular, read his plans for “environmental justice” and try to figure out how they won’t put us back in OPEC’s and China’s pockets.

Dig a little deeper on the Web and you’ll discover the six “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Forces” that’ll shape Joe’s policies as president — on the advice of such temperate, straight-down-the-middle voices as AOC, John Kerry, Eric Holder and more.

The bottom line is this: Joe Biden may have been an actual moderate in the past, but he’s not one anymore. To know what a Biden presidency would truly be like, we shouldn’t try to hit the moving target of what the man himself says or thinks (or what he says he thinks, or what he thinks he says, or what we think he says)…

We need to take a good, hard look at who’s writing his platforms — and who’s really going to be pulling his puppet-strings, should he get elected.

It’s too early to be comprehensive or definitive about this Monster’s Ball of advisors right now, but we’ll be monitoring it here at Whiskey & Gunpowder

Of that, you can be sure. Stay tuned.

Animatedly Yours,

Jim Amrhein

Jim Amrhein
Freedoms Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

1 Image edited using, “Joe Biden”, by Marc Nozell, licensed under CC BY 2.0 and “Elizabeth Warren,” by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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