The Wall Street Elite Are Done Controlling the Markets!

Frustrated with high-priced stocks? Think investing is only for the rich?

Not anymore!

One of the things I LOVE about capitalism and our free market is that competition between different companies can actually make things much better for consumers.

And today, competition between different Wall Street firms (and Main Street firms) is making it easier — and cheaper — for YOU to grow your wealth.

Today, I want to show you how…

Steal From the (Wall Street) Rich, and Give to the (Main Street) Poor

Robinhood and apps like it have given individuals access the world’s greatest wealth-building machine — the U.S. stock market.

The market is a great tool for building wealth…

When you own a stock, it’s like owning a piece of the American dream. And it’s a way for you to watch your wealth grow as American industry brings in profits.

It’s like a self-sufficient machine… we put in money that companies then use to grow, create jobs, pay workers and stimulate the American economy.

But without investors like you, the entire system wouldn’t work… giving average investors power that they sometimes don’t even realize they have!

In the past, it used to be difficult for normal investors to participate…

Wall Street became “for the rich”, with high commissions, account minimums and by requiring market know-how that no average American could be expected to have.

Brokers and wealth managers used to serve only the ultra-wealthy — heck I was in that boat! At the hedge fund, our account minimums were $1,000,000!

But in the past few years, fintech — financial technology — has changed the game.

Robinhood and other companies started with NO COMMISSION TRADES and FRACTIONAL SHARES — bringing Wall Street profits to everyday Americans.

And anyone that wanted to invest… even those that were starting off with very little capital…  were given more options than ever before.

Now, you can buy a quarter share of a hot stock like Apple — enjoying all the perks of high-flying companies without shelling out your entire savings account.

So the perks that used to be reserved for Wall Street’s elite are finally getting opened up for everyone.

And it’s not just the small starter companies like Robinhood offering perks previously reserved for Wall Street’s elite. In order to stay relevant, bigger companies like Schwab, Fidelity etc. are jumping in on this wave.

How to Use the Market to Build Your Own Wealth

With zero commissions, the temptation is to trade in and out of stocks very quickly.

BE WARNED… that’s a sucker’s game! I can’t stress enough to not get tangled up in that.

Instead, use the low minimums, zero commissions to your advantage and come in with a balanced approach.

Steadily, add a little money here and there to pick up more shares — or different stocks you’re interested in.

And whenever a company is willing to pay dividends, make sure you’re reinvesting that extra cash (which you can do for free!).

That gives you more shares over time. Which, in turn, gives you more income when those shares pay dividends.

Worrying about the day to day market moves is a losing battle, once you get out of that mindset you can finally look forward.

That’ll give you better entry prices to your favorite stocks and if you buy cheaper… you can buy much more! (Giving you more income in the long run).

It’s all about using the tools and the advantages that the free market is giving us to help YOU build your wealth and achieve a rich retirement.

Here’s to building your rich retirement!

Zach Scheidt

Zach Scheidt
Editor, The Daily Edge

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Zach Scheidt

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