Celebrating Your Lifelong Goal Achievements! [PICTURES]

This weekend, I accomplished a goal that I’ve dreamed about for more than three decades.

And you know what Reader? It made me think of you!

Because all of us have our own dreams and big goals for our lives. And sometimes those dreams take a long time to accomplish.

Like planning for retirement!

But when you have perseverance… when you work hard… when you find mentors to help you along… and you finally cross that milestone… It can be incredibly rewarding!

Today, I want to talk a bit about how you can accomplish your goals to build a rich retirement — even if you’re already retired.

And I’ll also share some pictures of our family this weekend as we celebrated the milestone I hit. So let’s get started!

A Dream More Than 40 Years in the Making

I can only imagine what my parents must have been thinking as they watched “young Zach” working on one of his projects…

This kid is obsessed with flying!

As a very young kid, I would check out library books on aviation. I knew the names of all the different pioneer pilots and their planes. I would even take the paper grocery bags that my mom brought home and make giant paper airplanes and kites.

We didn’t have any pilots in our family or close circle of friends. But my parents knew that flying was important to me. So they got creative and eventually met and introduced me to a couple pilots who would occasionally take me up for a spin.

Throughout my young adulthood, I continued to be interested in flying… I often took my oldest son David to airports or our remote control airplane field to chat with the pilots and learn what I could.

Of course seasons change. And there were long periods when my responsibilities as a father, hedge fund manager, and family provider didn’t let me do much flying.

But last summer I finally decided to “go for it.” I enrolled at a local flight school and started training.

It still wasn’t easy.

While actually “flying” the plane came somewhat natural to me, the tedious learning about engine and electric systems, weather patterns, airspace classifications, regulatory issues and more certainly challenged my brain.

And the coronavirus crisis set me back several months, keeping me from flying.

But this weekend, I finally passed my 6-hour oral and practical exam, and received my private pilot certificate!

I had so much fun yesterday celebrating with the family. Here are a few pictures from our Sunday flights!

zach flying

Now, I’m looking forward to taking the kids to visit their cousins, to flights with friends, and to the occasional trip through the “wild blue yonder” just to clear my head.

In a way, this milestone is not too different from reaching that retirement milestone!

A Finish Line That Is Just the Beginning

When it comes to your retirement, Reader, it’s not all that different from getting a pilots license.

Retirement is something you dream about for years and years. And everyone’s dreams are different!

You may be looking forward to simply relaxing and taking more time for yourself.

Or maybe you’re planning to serve your community and “give back” during your golden years.

It may be all about spending time with family, or having time to try the new things that you’ve never had time for.

Regardless of what you’re planning, it’s going to take some resources to get there. And you’ll also need a plan that is flexible enough to handle different spending scenarios, different economic environments and different seasons of health and mobility.

In a lot of ways, retirement can feel like a “finish line” that you get to.

After all, you’ve worked your entire life to save enough to retire, or to be able to claim the pension or social security benefits that will fund this retirement.

But just like getting a pilot’s license, retirement is really only the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in life!

If you do retirement right, you can look forward to a rich experience… enjoying time with loved ones and doing the things you may not have had time for along the way.

At the same time, retirement can be challenging. (Just like flying a plane.)

There will be seasons of sunny skies and favorable winds where things just seem to go according to plan.

And there will also be times when volatile markets like we have right now can make you question whether you’ve saved enough — or whether you’re doing a good job investing your retirement savings!

Of course that’s exactly what my company St Paul Research is all about… We want to help you plan for this special season of life, and help you navigate through this season so you can live a rich retirement in every sense of the word!

That means helping you with investment opportunities that will both grow — and protect — your wealth.

It means helping you get the most out of your social security benefits.

We also talk about ways to generate extra income to supplement your “traditional” retirement plan.

And of course ways to make sure you’re healthy and happy throughout this special period. After all, that’s what retirement is all about!

I hope your retirement plans have you excited and hopeful about the future. And if you’re already retired, I hope you’re able to enjoy all of the wonderful experiences that you were looking forward to.

But even if that’s not where you are right now, a little dedication, hard work, and some ideas from my team here at The Daily Edge can help you reach that accomplishment of a healthy retirement. So you can focus on the things that really matter.

Here’s to growing and protecting your wealth!

Zach Scheidt

Zach Scheidt
Editor, The Daily Edge

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