“Zach, Is 5G Really OVER?”

“Hi Zach, I joined Lifetime Income Report back in April. I was all set to buy some 5G stocks for the dividends when Ray Blanco wrote an article that stated NOT to buy 5G stocks but to look at Apple Fi instead. I’m confused!!

That’s the email I received from Linda L. last week. She was responding to a message that many of you at The Daily Edge received from my colleague and tech connoisseur Ray Blanco.

And judging from some of the other feedback I’ve received from our income family, many of you have similar thoughts.

Today, I wanted to take a little bit of time to explain exactly what’s going on with the 5G opportunities we’ve been investing in, and also explain exactly what Ray is up to with his own tech opportunities.

Best of all, we’ll put together a game plan for how you can best grow and protect your wealth, so you have more than enough financial security to truly enjoy your retirement.

Let’s jump in!

I’ll admit, when I first saw email from Ray in my inbox, I was intrigued! After all, Ray and I have had conversations about 5G and both of us have marveled at how the technology will change the way we live.

As I read through Ray’s full email — and then spoke with him on the phone later that week — I understood the logic and urgency behind Ray’s message.

With all great investment strategies, the devil is in the details.

You see, Ray didn’t want you to stop investing in 5G. And he’s not expecting 5G to go away any time soon.

Heck, 5G is just getting started as we’ll see in just a moment!

Ray’s message has a broad horizon, encouraging you to pause for a moment to consider some other great tech opportunities that Apple is working on in secret.

He wanted your full attention so he could explain what this opportunity means for Apple and many other companies involved. And he wanted to make sure you saved some of your capital so that you could also take advantage of these new opportunities as well as 5G.

I’ll get to those opportunities in a bit. But first, let’s quickly review what’s happening with 5G…

5G Has Only Just Begun!

When I look at the 5G opportunities we’ve got in front of us right now, I can hardly contain my excitement.

That’s because 5G is only in the very early stages of being rolled out… Maybe the 2nd or 3rd inning in baseball terms.

At this point, major telecom carriers have deployed 5G connections in a few select cities. Based on the lessons they’ve learned from this process, the networks are making adjustments, buying the proper equipment, and starting to set up nationwide networks in earnest!

Of course, this rollout is going to take a tremendous amount of investment!

Just think of all the equipment that will need to be installed on cell towers around the country. (And think of the rent our 5G Cash Towers will be able to charge!)

On top of that, there are literally hundreds of thousands of nodes that will be placed throughout cities. And as all of this equipment is purchased, our 5G stocks that sell these tech devices will soar!

That’s what’s happening on the network side — to roll out 5G signals across America.

Now, think about what’s happening on the consumer side.

Once 5G is available throughout the U.S., the next phase will feature users buying devices that can use the powerful 5G networks.

Up until this point, very few 5G devices or systems have actually been installed. After all, true 5G networks haven’t even been available until just a few months ago.

But this year, we’re going to start to see:

  1. Self-driving car systems tapping into 5G networks
  2. The medical industry using 5G to remotely treat patients
  3. Smart homes with 5G devices for safety and connectivity
  4. Virtual reality and augmented reality systems using 5G speed
  5. And yes… 5G mobile devices more powerful than anything currently on the market.

On that note, did you realize that Apple hasn’t even launched a 5G phone yet?

When it does, you can bet the iconic newest iPhone will sell out in moments, helping to drive Apple’s stock higher — along with the many companies that supply Apple with components.

Speaking of Apple, let’s shift gears and take a look at the Apple Fi opportunities that Ray Blanco has been researching.

Don’t Buy 5G… Until You Read THIS!

Last week, the world watched in awe as Spacex launched the first privately owned rocket ferrying U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station.

Yes, space travel is once again capturing the hearts and imagination of the American public.

But as inspiring as last week’s launch was, it pales in comparison to the secret space program that Apple is working on.

According to Ray, Apple is working on an “Apple-Fi” space project tied to patent number 20130271317 — one of the biggest tech breakthroughs of our time!

The patent is tied to what Ray calls “a radical new internet — powered directly by Apple Inc.”

And that new internet will be beamed down from the sky, giving customers powerful connectivity from anywhere in the world!

Ray can tell you all of the details about this new technology and the many investment opportunities that will skyrocket once Apple’s plans are announced later this month.

>>You can access Ray’s presentation on Apple Fi here<<

But you’ll need to act quickly. Because Ray believes that Apple will pull the curtain back on this new project on June 22 when the company hosts its Worldwide Developers Conference.

If you wait until after the announcement, the Apple Fi opportunities will already be on the move and you’ll miss out on the biggest early profits!

That’s why I’m encouraging you to access Ray’s presentation TODAY so you have time to act before Ray’s groundbreaking research is made public to everyone else.

Back to Linda…

Linda, I hope this helps to clear up your question about our 5G opportunities and the excitement behind Ray Blanco’s Apple Fi research.

Both have tremendous potential to grow your wealth. And that’s especially important in this time of uncertainty with so many other areas of our economy under stress.

My team and I will always do our best to bring you the most powerful wealth-building opportunities we can find. Even if the ideas come from other colleagues who are researching new areas that are different from what my team and I are working on.

After all, there’s no reason you can’t profit from many different areas of the market. And that’s what being a balanced investor is all about!

Here’s to growing and protecting your wealth!

Zach Scheidt

Zach Scheidt
Editor, The Daily Edge

P.S. The clock is ticking as we get closer to Apple’s big announcement! Information could be leaked at any time, driving Apple Fi opportunities higher and leaving you behind. So please make sure you check out Ray’s Apple Fi presentation today before it’s too late!

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