Answering Your Questions Ahead of the Holiday Weekend

I’ve been looking forward to this alert all week!

For the last couple of months, we’ve been taking some time each Friday to answer your questions and respond to feedback. And quite frankly, this has become the highlight of my week!

I love hearing from you and knowing what’s on your mind. It has been great to get your updates and hear how resilient you guys have been even with the challenges this season has brought.

And so many of your questions and comments have given me food for thought and helped my team and I figure out better ways to help you grow and protect your wealth.

So thank you!

Before we jump into this week’s mailbag, I just wanted to address one issue that has come up once or twice.

Several of you have started off your email with a phrase similar to: “I know Zach won’t actually read this but…”

And it has actually come to my attention that some of you have even gotten an automated reply that our feedback inbox isn’t being monitored! (That’s not true… We ARE monitoring it, and we’re getting this technical issue fixed.)

In short, I wanted to make sure that you know that I actually DO read every email that you send. And while our regulations don’t allow me to respond directly to your emails, we are able to use many of your questions and comments in these weekly mailbag issues.

So please keep the communication coming!

As a reminder, you can send us a message at

You may also want to send me a message or tag me on a Twitter post! (@ZachScheidt)

I hope you’ll keep me posted on how you’re doing, along with your questions about the market and all-things income.

Speaking of, let’s go ahead and jump into this week’s mailbag!

Investing in the Best 5G Stocks

With more people working from home and connecting to corporate data from off-site, the rollout of 5G networks is becoming even more important.

As you know, my team and I have been hard at work building our 5G index, and picking out the best 5G stocks for you to grow and protect your wealth.

Several of you sent in questions about how to best access this 5G research. Here’s one from The Daily Edge reader Maya:

Hello Mr. Zach, what link should I follow so I can participate in the upcoming 5G cash payouts?

The 5G cash payouts are dividends that are consistently being paid by the companies involved in the 5G revolution.

For those of you who are subscribed to my income newsletter Lifetime Income Report, we’ve compiled all of our research in a special web portal we call the 5G Cash Command Center

>>You can click here to access the 5G Cash Command Center<<

When you click the link above, you’ll be taken to our welcome page which includes a welcome video from me.

After watching this video, I suggest clicking on the “5G Cash Towers” button just above the video. That’s a great place to start collecting reliable income from the massive 5G buildout that is spreading across America.

What Kind of Broker Do I Need?

So what’s the best way to invest in these 5G opportunities?

New member Tonya H. wrote in:

Do I need a broker to make this work?  There are websites I can use without a fee to buy/sell safely.  I am kind of a safe stock person.  I would like to see profit first, then go risky.  Thoughts?

Hi Tonya, I like your approach! Start out one step at a time, and as you start to see profits and feel more comfortable, you can get more aggressive. That’s great!

Yes, I would agree that if you’re buying shares of stock, many of the no-fee apps and websites will work just fine. You can use these services to invest in many great opportunities without having to pay fees that have historically been charged by brokerages.

Just so you know, however, these apps have changed the way the investing business works — in a good way!

Thanks to the competition, many more traditional brokers are now offering free trades and no-fee accounts. So you may still want to consider an actual brokerage company that may be free now, and still offer you better functionality when you’re ready to try new things.

By the way, if you’re shopping for a good brokerage to use, my special report “How to Choose the Right Broker for You” may be helpful. Just follow the link!

A Question About Our Income on Demand Trade

I was really happy to hear from Dr. Mike who wrote in with a question about one of our recent Income on Demand opportunities.

As a reminder, Income on Demand is a special service that allows you to pull instant cash payments from stocks. It’s a bit more of a sophisticated approach to income. But once you understand the strategy, it can be a great way to add extra income!

You stated that we exited the [Zillow] trade with a profit. HOW? I exited the trade with a net loss.

In general I have been extremely pleased with the results of following your strategy for Income on Demand so your tooting your own horn on this one was distressing.

Thanks for the email Dr. Mike. And I’m sorry if I came across as tooting my own horn. I really do get excited when our readers are able lock in profits from our income strategies.

For this particular trade, we added extra shares of Zillow Inc. (Z) on March 23. This allowed us to take advantage of the lower price for Z, and also allowed us to collect more income from these shares by selling extra call contracts.

Based on the information you sent over about your own trades, I believe these extra shares make up the difference between the positive gain from our track record and the loss you took on your own trade.

Overall, I’m glad that you’ve been pleased with the results from this strategy. And I’ll do my best to be exceptionally clear about the instructions for our trades so it’s easier to follow along in your own account.

Most of all, thanks for your candid email and letting me know how you did with this trade — and with the strategy in general!

A Refreshing Note…

I always love hearing about your life, and how our income plays are benefiting you!

Here’s a sweet note I received this week…

My name is Regina. I’m 39 years old, a single parent of 8 Children and a recent Granddaughter. I wanted to stop in and say Thank you, I appreciate what I’m learning from you to better my family’s future. You are a Blessing to me, have a wonderful day.

Regina, it sounds like you have your hands full! I can only imagine how busy and full of love your household must be. Especially during this coronavirus crisis with limited options for getting outside.

Thanks for checking in and saying hello. Notes like this make me smile and I”m so thankful to have the opportunity to help your family. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

That’s all for today, but I hope you’ll stay in touch with me! Remember, you can send your emails to or tag me on Twitter (@ZachScheidt).

Enjoy the weekend and I’ll be back to you with new income opportunities next week!

Here’s to growing and protecting your wealth!

Zach Scheidt

Zach Scheidt
Editor, The Daily Edge

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