Why China Wants a Biden Presidency

The coronavirus crisis has definitely knocked the bloom off the rose in the ongoing political love affair (mostly) between Trump and Chinese president Xi Jinping.

But that’s not why Jinping and the other high muckety-mucks of the People’s Republic of China want Joe Biden to win the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Biden china

In a nutshell, it’s because the PRC stands to make much greater strides in its quest for global economic and military dominance during the first term of a Biden presidency than a second Trump term.

Let me lay out a few of the reasons why I think this is undeniably true.

The first is simple precedent…

Despite his recent public tough-talk, Joe Biden has been one of China’s strongest closet advocates for decades

Many high-profile Democrats have been consistent and outspoken critics on China’s human rights record, abuses of power and more over the years. Some have also been quite hawkish on trade with the PRC, especially recently.

Then there’s Joe Biden. Recent rhetoric notwithstanding, he’s arguably been China’s single greatest behind-the-scenes advocate and facilitator in Washington for decades, to the great detriment of this nation and its work force.

In opposition to other movers and shakers in his party, Biden consistently backed China’s “most favored nation” status in the ‘90s — and its 2001 admission into the World Trade Organization. This steady elevation in status transformed the PRC from a shunned and distrusted pariah nation into a legitimate trade partner and global economic powerhouse.

And during the Obama years, when Xi Jinping rose to power and kicked China’s rapacious economic pick-pocketing of America into high gear, VP Biden continued advocating for stronger relations with the PRC, and even more bilateral commerce.

The problem is, all that “cooperation” and trade Joe Biden has championed over the decades has literally put the USA at the PRC’s mercy. Not only are we dependent on them right now for a large portion of our drugs and pandemic PPE, we also rely on them for a huge percentage of the items we need for day-to-day life in America.

Do you think China’s not aware of this, or doesn’t love it? They are, and they do…

They also know that this gravy train of dependency is much more likely to keep running under a new Biden presidency than another four years of Trump.

The verbally incontinent Biden has also blurted out some pretty revealing quotes on the 2020 campaign trail so far — like “I’ve spent more time in private meetings with Xi Jinping than any world leader” and “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man… They’re not competition for us.”

Many dismiss comments like these as meaningless, off-the-cuff ramblings. But to me, they suggest that when it comes to China, there may be a difference between what “Lunch Bucket Joe” says he stands for, and what he might actually stand for…

I was especially struck by this possible disparity after he called the undoubtedly lifesaving, no-brainer decision to close the U.S. border to incoming Chinese travelers back in January “hysterical xenophobia” — as though it’s somehow un-American to want to stay alive, and keep your friends and elders alive.

It all sort of makes you wonder a little about who’s side Biden’s on, doesn’t it?

Now here’s another reason why I think China wants him in the White House…

The “greener” America gets, the more green cash and economic power we hand China

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again now…

The math clearly shows that across all sectors, America’s use of fossil fuels creates far less environmental impact than China’s does. By the latest annual numbers, the PRC’s share of global fossil fuel consumption is approximately 23.8% — yet they spew nearly 29.4% of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Conversely, the U.S. consumes around 16.5% of the world’s fossil fuels, while releasing less than 13.8% of its CO2.

Expressed as a single figure, that means China creates over 48% more atmospheric CO2 per unit of fossil fuel consumed than does the United States. The twist is that America’s share of global CO2 emissions has only increased 0.4% since 1990, while China’s share has ballooned more than 353%, in part because of their exploding “factory to the world” economic model…

That’s why today, the PRC emits nearly three times as much atmospheric CO2 as the U.S. And over 71% of these fossil fuel emissions come from either manufacturing or grid electricity generation — which also powers their heavy industry and production sectors, to a significant degree.

But apparently, Joe Biden hasn’t crunched these numbers. If he had, he’d clearly see that more stuff being made in the USA rather than the PRC means a cleaner and cooler planet, moving forward. Or maybe he’s in China’s pocket (more on this later).

I say this because The Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice outlined on his Web site contains little that would suggest a decrease in U.S. dependence on Chinese manufacturing, were he to be elected president. Quite the opposite, in fact, at least to my eyes.

The backbone of Joe’s plan is a 30-year mandate for “a 100% clean energy economy and net zero emissions.” While short on specifics, this plan is chock-full of initiatives that seem intentionally crafted to further hobble America’s ability to manufacture things on a scale large enough to reduce our lopsided dependency on China.

A few cases in point, as lifted verbatim from The Biden Plan

“New fuel economy standards aimed at ensuring 100% of new sales for light- and medium-duty vehicles will be electrified.”

Yes, you’re reading that right: This means total eradication of new ICE (internal combustion engine) consumer-market and passenger vehicle sales in the United States. Think that won’t increase our dependence on Chinese manufacture?

Think again. China’s production of lithium-ion electric vehicle (EV) batteries currently exceeds all other nations combined. And by 2028, the PRC is expected to be the runaway global leader in EV battery manufacture — producing roughly nine times as much capacity as the United States. So going all-electric in America plays directly into China’s hand, from an industrial standpoint.

The Biden Plan also promises, “ambitious reductions in emissions economy-wide,” and “a national strategy to develop a low-carbon manufacturing sector in every state.”

Though details are sketchy, this can only really mean two things, if I’m right: Forced adaptation of sweeping and expensive new technologies to further limit greenhouse gas emissions from American industry, and extensive new regulation (or outright prohibition) of certain kinds of production or other business activities…

That’ll mean even more U.S. companies will likely be forced to move their manufacturing — or sub out major parts of their production — to places like China in order to compete and remain profitable.

Also in The Biden Plan are pledges to, “re-enter the Paris Agreement,” and “recommit the United States to the Green Climate Fund.”

Both of these are U.N. creations, and they’re both arguably designed to confer major economic advantage to “developing” countries like China and others at the expense of western, developed nations like the United States.

Under the Paris Agreement, for instance, much is required of the U.S. in terms of emissions reduction — while relatively little is expected of the PRC, the world’s top polluter nation. In the manufacturing arena, that gives a major edge to China.

There’s more in The Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice I could cite that tilts the industrial playing field toward China, too…

But you get the point: The more the U.S. shoots itself in the foot economically trying to compensate for China’s lopsided pollution of the global atmosphere, the more we increase the PRC’s manufacturing and economic might. The net result is a stronger China, a weaker and more dependent America — and a more polluted planet.

Now let’s explore another reason why the PRC might want Biden in the Big Chair.

The Frightened Fist of “Shanghai Joe?”

Shanghai Joe was a character in a number of “spaghetti westerns,” the most notable of which was 1973’s The Fighting Fist of Shanghai Joe, which saw release in the U.S. under several different titles.

It was about a young Chinese immigrant who uses his kung fu skills to fight a noble battle against racism and discrimination in America’s lawless Old West…

But I’m concerned that the real-life version of this story — starring Joe Biden — will turn out to be about an old American statesman who uses his political skills to fight his own country’s best interests for the lawless Far East. Or who’s forced to do this by pressure or blackmail.

For context on this point, consider Trump’s situation. Since he’s been president, there’s been a lot of speculation about whether Putin might be able to blackmail him with compromising tapes, details of his dealings with Russian oligarchs, or whatever. These sorts of things are valid concerns, with any president.

But I think there’s more cause to wonder if a scenario like this could play out in the future between China and Joe Biden, should he become the president of the United States in 2020.

Leaving Shanghai Joe’s own behind-the-scenes string-pulling on behalf of the PRC in Washington over the last few decades out of the discussion…

His scandal-plagued son Hunter Biden has been the co-founder of not one, but TWO private equity funds with extensive high-level connections and dealings in China. The newest of these, BHR Partners, is 80% controlled by Chinese entities.

Last fall, the story broke that BHR Partners got its business license from the PRC ten days after Hunter met — socially, he claims — with a high-level Chinese investment banker who now serves as BHR’s CEO. This meeting took place in December of 2013, and the trip reportedly also included a handshake with VP Biden…

What makes things even more eyebrow-raising is that at the time, Hunter Biden was accompanying his father as a guest on an official state visit to China via Air Force Two. While that’s not an unheard-of thing, it is a fairly unusual occurrence.

Was this illegal or treasonous? Doubtful. Willfully ignorant? Likely. Weird, line-blurring, and worrisome? Absolutely.

The point is, whether in public office or private business, there’s a disconcerting coziness that seems to exist between the Biden family and the PRC. And I think it potentially brings questions of allegiance and vulnerability into play.

Think about it: Aside from the drugs, strip joints, being kicked out of the Navy, and siring a love child with a stripper while he was dating his brother’s widow…

Hunter Biden’s a solid guy, a straight shooter by all accounts.

But international finance and law are tricky waters. What if some of Hunter Biden’s future Chinese dealings — either unintentionally or by some sort of diabolical chess move or entrapment by the PRC — were to prove unethical, illegal, or a risk to U.S. national security while Shanghai Joe’s in the Oval Office?

Wouldn’t something like that be powerful material for blackmail, or at least heavy pressure, in the hands of a government as ruthlessly bent on advantage and world domination as the People’s Republic of China has shown itself to be?

This one angle actually gives me more pause about a potential Joe Biden presidency than any mental deterioration or infirmity he may be suffering from.

But we’ll see how that all shakes out come November.

The bottom line, as I postulated in the beginning, is that China thinks it can get away with more under a first term of a new president who’s concerned about re-election and appeasing the Green Left…

Than a second-term president who’s got nothing to lose politically — and whose mission in life may soon be to beat China like Reagan beat Russia, and eliminate America’s dependency on offshore manufacturing forever.

China’s telling us their preference with actions right now: They’re posting cartoon videos poking fun of America’s pandemic response, floating theories about the coronavirus coming from the U.S. Army…

And even unveiling a high-profile new stealth bomber — five years earlier than anticipated — that’s capable of hitting critical U.S. military installations in the Pacific.

Surely, all this stuff is carefully orchestrated to make president Trump look weak or stupid, and increase the chances of Biden’s election.

Made-in-Americally Yours,

Jim Amrhein

Jim Amrhein
Freedoms Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

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