The #1 Silent Contributor to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Not being a “prepper” myself — a life choice I presently regret — I actually wasn’t very well prepared for a long period of isolation at home, just like so many other Americans who are scrambling for hunker-down supplies right now.

So with my initial two-week stock of groceries running low, and the coronavirus decisively winning the containment battle everywhere around me…

I decided last Thursday to go out and get fully supplied for an extended lockdown, rather than wait for cases to double again, then brave the masses for provisions.

Here’s what happened…

My mission plan was to shop in a cluster of three counties straddling the Mason-Dixon line 160 miles west of where I live — where no cases of COVID-19 had yet been reported.

This might seem extreme to you, but my two-fold reasoning was simple: One, I figured it’s got to be safer where there are fewer documented cases, far away from the major metro areas that are quickly turning into coronavirus hot zones…

And two, I imagined stores in these far-flung, less-populated areas were less likely to be picked clean of the things I needed, including paper towels and TP.

This theory turned out to be right — I found every item on my list at one Walmart Supercenter in the area I’d targeted. But I also found heartless young “COVIDiots” (not my term, but brilliant) trying to scare people for their own amusement.

Just after I arrived, two punks in their 20s rolled up on the parking lot in an old POS sport-ute. One of them was hanging his head out of the passenger window, coughing in a loud, exaggerated fashion at me and the other alarmed shoppers going in and out of the store. The other was driving slowly along and cackling with laughter.

For one brief instant, I had a fleeting fantasy of pivoting, taking a couple quick steps to my left, and POW — right in Mr. Fake Cough’s kisser as they rolled by.

I’d never actually do such a thing, of course. But the incident did get me thinking about one very disturbing, undeniable truth…

A bunch of narcissistic young ass-hats are putting the rest of us at mortal risk all over this country

To be clear, there are plenty of fully mature, adult COVIDiots out there — and not all teens and college-age adults are flouting the rules. There are lots of good-hearted, selfless young people in America who are doing all the right things, I’m sure. It’s their more selfish, less-conscientious friends I’m worried about.

Because the brutal truth is that there are also large numbers of spoiled, coddled young Instagram addicts across the fruited plain who’ve been raised without discipline, judgment, limitations, or even a very strong grasp on reality…

And their selfish gallivanting is no doubt putting thousands of their elders at mortal risk through needless, preventable coronavirus transmissions.

You already know what I’m talking about here. I mean hordes of “Spring Breakers” ignoring travel and contagion guidelines to congregate on beaches in Florida, California, Texas, and other places…

Throngs of suddenly out-of-work people choking the streets and parks of major cities in defiance of policies aimed at curbing community infection…

“Coronavirus parties” sprouting up all over the country, some of them aimed at intentionally spreading the virus…

And teens and younger adults licking or coughing on groceries — even making videos of themselves trying to infect others (or claiming to) in crowded stores.

Do these people honestly believe that the shockingly fast explosion of the virus in this country isn’t partially their fault, collectively?

They must know that, on one level or another. But clearly, many of them either don’t care, don’t believe they’re at fault (just everyone else), or are somehow able to justify their conduct to themselves. And I believe that’s because they’re already infected with another disease: Narcissism.

Among other things, excessively narcissistic personalities are marked by an inflated sense of self-importance and a lack of empathy for others. And as I theorized in a three-part series last summer, this is the same underlying malady that’s causing the alarming increase in mass shootings in America in recent years, a full 65% of which have been perpetrated by people under 25 years of age.

My argument in that series was that there’s been a dramatic rise in narcissistic personality traits among our nation’s young people — because of three things…

The effects of social media, two decades of self-esteem-at-all-costs parenting, and the rise of the “victim mentality.” All of these things foster and nurture an extreme focus on the self, rather than others.

In other words, we’ve created a young generation that’s lopsidedly narcissistic…

Now our self-absorbed chickens are coming home to roost — and they’re going to kill some of us

There are credible numbers suggesting that the average person infected with the coronavirus will pass the disease on to approximately three other people.

However, there have also been documented cases of “super spreader” virus carriers that could’ve infected as many as 14 people.

So the math here is undeniable, even without knowing concrete numbers…

No one is immune to the coronavirus, so there’s no way in hell that tens of thousands — if not millions — of young, selfish COVIDiots across the U.S. could ignore pandemic best practices without some of them catching, carrying, and transmitting this virus to an unknown number of other people.

From a basic probability standpoint, that’s a mathematical certainty.

And taken to its logical conclusion, that means a certain number of their parents and grandparents, or other older folks they’ve had contact with in some way…

Or maybe even some not-so-old people who just happen to be very susceptible to this disease’s effects, for one reason or another…

Are going to get sick and possibly die, who otherwise wouldn’t have.

Politicians and the mainstream media are dancing around this point — or only softly alluding to it. But it’s undeniably true, and it needs to be reported far and wide, in the starkest possible language.

Because the frightening reality is that you or I or someone we love could soon end up sick or dead because some selfish snowflake did body shots of tequila off an infected person three weeks ago in Ft. Lauderdale, or some other damn place.

And I truly believe that wouldn’t have been the case to such an extreme degree if all this had happened back when I was a young punk, some 30-odd years ago.

I don’t say that because kids of my generation were all SO much more mature, selfless, and conscientious than kids these days…

But mainly because our parents were a lot more likely to suspend their concern for our good times, social lives, and self-esteem — and put us under strict house arrest for the family’s good, and the good of the nation.

Bottom line: I truly believe that the #1 coronavirus survival tip for everyone should be to minimize contact with anyone — of any age, sick or not — who hasn’t been extremely restrained in their travels and social contacts these last few weeks.

And to parents of teens and college kids, I say: Now’s the time for old-school “tough love” of the kind that brought me up (you, too, most likely)…

Like that awesome New York dad who refused to let his son and his buddies into the house after getting back from their Spring Break partying.

He gave the kid some cash and a trunk full of groceries, then sent him and his crew back to their college housing to crash until June.

Did you see that story?

Guy’s my new hero.

Tough-lovingly Yours,

Best wishes,

Jim Amrhein

Jim Amrhein
Freedoms Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

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