How the Coronavirus Could Elect Joe Biden

It’s the day after Super Tuesday as I’m writing this, and everybody’s buzzing about the suddenly resurrected Joe Biden.

BidenLike Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in The Revenant, and the real-life man it was based on, Hugh Glass…

The bloodied, mauled, and left-for-dead candidate has clawed and dragged his way through miles of cold, hostile political wilderness to somehow catch up to his party — and emerge as their front-runner for the Democratic nomination.

Some of the pundits are crediting improved debate performances for this sudden resurgence.

Others say it’s key endorsements Biden has received, the support of former rivals Buttigieg and Klobuchar, and an influx of Bloomberg voters who now have nowhere else to go that’s still Democrat, but not socialist (at least not overtly).

And undoubtedly, all these things are true, to one degree or another.

But I’ve got a different take on Uncle Joe’s spectacular political phoenix act — one nobody seems to be talking about…

I think Biden’s sudden explosion of support is at least partially because of the coronavirus

I can’t speak for everyone, but when life gets dicey around me, I want certainty — as much of it as I can get, and right now.

I want things I recognize. Things I know like the back of my hand, even if I don’t necessarily like or love them. At least I can classify them.

And if things got desperate, I’d want an old “trusty rusty” pump shotgun that always goes bang, not a new, untested, complicated semi-auto that could jam on me.

I’d want shelves full of Dinty Moore beef stew that’ll keep and stick to my ribs, not a fridge full of hummus and Yoplait that’ll spoil and give me the you-know-whats.

I’d want well-worn blue jeans, flannel shirts, and comfortable cotton underwear, not a bunch of fashionable synthetic clothes that look great in the ads but itch like crazy.

And to an extent, I think this emotion is at least part of Biden’s overnight dominance among Democrats here: Well-worn familiarity in a time of sudden uncertainty.

After all, he’s still exactly the same bad candidate he was a week ago — the same gaffe-prone 77-year-old who’s failed in two previous presidential bids.

The same moderate-in-name-only (he’s farther left than Obama or Hillary) who can’t even get the endorsement of the president he served with for eight years.

The same yarn-spinner whose character issues forced him to withdraw from the 1988 Democratic race for plagiarism and lying about his academic record.

The same “middle class Joe” who has somehow managed to rake in $15 million for himself and his wife since leaving the White House just a few short years ago…

And the same swampiest of Washington swamp creatures whose family’s bizarre and colorful business history is sketchy at best, perhaps criminal at worst.

Up to now, Joe Biden’s main political advantage in the eyes of the DNC is that he’s not Bernie Sanders. So what’s changed in the last week that suddenly makes him the savior of the Democratic party — and the nation, according to much of the punditry?

Only two things, really…

One, he finally won something in his 38-year quest for the presidency — the South Carolina primary, which represents less than 1.4% of the delegates up for grabs in the 2020 Democratic nomination race.

And two, the coronavirus story went 24/7 ballistic, its effects on the stock market, travel, and other aspects of everyday life going positively megaton.

The left-leaning mainstream media would have you believe that winning just one early primary, and the endorsement of Congressman James Clyburn (D-SC), is what catapulted Joe Biden into the catbird seat for the 2020 nomination.

But to me, that doesn’t pass the sniff test.

I think Democrats have rallied around Biden over the last week in large part because he’s the “devil they know,” so to speak.

Think about it this way: When life is sailing along smoothly, and everyone’s working and making more money and paying less taxes and buying more stuff and living the American dream — without facing much in the way of serious national peril…

It’s all fine and good for progressive candidates to talk about revolutionary things like eliminating the petroleum industry and banning internal combustion engines and confiscating guns and free healthcare and free childcare and free tuition and free everything else.

But it’s a very different matter when things take an uncertain turn.

If I’m right, most Americans don’t want to deal with a bunch of sweeping, radical, experimental systemic change (actual revolution, in other words) — AND a major, potentially deadly, multi-front crisis like the coronavirus…

At the same time.

To me, it’s as simple as that. For a lot of Democrats, especially after Bloomberg’s spectacular flameout, Joe Biden has become a flight to safety.

It’s sort of like U.S. treasury bonds. You may not like the way the government jerks the money supply around, but you still buy their bonds when the SHTF.

China didn’t weaponize coronavirus — the Democrats did

The problem is that if the coronavirus becomes a major, prolonged, life-changing crisis here in the United States…

Good ol’ Uncle Joe may actually end up in the White House.

That’s because, in the worst-case scenario, the coronavirus crisis really could cause a recession in the United States.

Now, whether that’ll happen because of the disease’s legitimate disruption of the underlying economic fundamentals that sustain our nation’s growth…

Or because of the Marxist mainstream media’s relentless, biased, and exaggerated reporting of this economic turmoil…

Is completely irrelevant.

What IS relevant is that for rank and file voters, the strong economy and roaring stock market are the president’s biggest trump cards, so to speak.

If Trump no longer has those cards to throw down in the run-up to Election Day, he’ll have a much tougher fight on his hands than he would if the stock market’s up another 20%, and the nation’s GDP growth is holding steady at 3% or more.

And make no mistake: The Democrat war machine — both its elected political wing and its Big Media propaganda wing — are going to do everything they can to talk down and destroy this economy, to weaken Trump.

You watch: First, they’re going to play up the coronavirus/recession angle for all it’s worth in the short term, to scare everybody into thinking it could soon be 2008 all over again. This phase of the propaganda campaign is already starting, in fact…

In the last week or so, pretty much every major left-wing news outlet — the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, NBC, Bloomberg, and more — have ALL floated major stories speculating about the “R word” and the coronavirus.

Then, when our GDP growth does slow down over the next two quarters, which I think is pretty much inevitable given the coronavirus’s impact on global supply chains, imports/exports, travel, events, Asian consumption, etc….

They’re going to shift the focus to Trump’s policies, which they’ll claim has created a house-of-cards economy that’s too weak to withstand shocks, and with interest rates so low there’s no stimulus cushion available to combat those shocks.

Their overall objective, of course, is to crash the stock market and cost millions of Americans like you and me trillions of dollars in asset value. That’s what they’re willing to do to win in 2020. And their new secret weapon is the coronavirus.

Because without a roaring market (the best legal way of buying votes in existence), will anyone who truly matters to the 2020 election still want Trump as president?

In other words, among the people who are actually going to decide this thing — the independents and on-the-fencers in the middle — will Trump’s presidency still be considered a success without the market boom and strong economy?

Put yet another way: Do independents and moderates really like Trump for who he is and what he represents, rather than what he’s put in their wallets?

The Democrats, rallying behind Biden, are betting the answer is “no.”

Familiarly Yours,

Jim Amrhein

Jim Amrhein
Freedoms Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

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