Political Correctness and the Planned Destruction of America

In the 1930s, America was infiltrated from within by a small (but powerful) group of men.

Their goal was to turn the hearts and minds of the American people against the culture, values and principles at the very foundation of their country.

Their targets were the strong families, communities and cultural institutions of America.

And their main mission was to replace America’s Judeo-Christian values with Marxist-globalist values…

Values that included open borders, the redistribution of wealth, the elimination of private property rights, and radical environmentalism which elevates nature over man.

The main vehicle to be used for this attack on America was its public education system.

And the main leader of this movement was a man who is still known today as “the father of the modern American education system.”

Allow me to explain…

Not to be confused with Melvil Dewey (the inventor of the “Dewey Decimal System” used in library classification), John Dewey should be remembered today for being the architect of the destruction of the American education system and the father of modern political correctness, more accurately known as cultural Marxism.

In 1928, Dewey traveled to Russia to help implement their Marxist system of public education. He later returned to America to teach at Colombia University, while also serving as the head of the university’s department of education.

Dewey was a strong supporter of the newly emerging Socialist Society in America. He also served as the honorary president of the National Education Association, was a founding member of the American Civil Liberties Union, and president of the League for Industrial Democracy — the American counterpart to the socialist Fabian Society of Britain.

However, Dewey’s greatest impact on American culture and public education came from being a key figure in bringing a group of “German intellectuals” from the “Frankfurt School” to America.

The Marxist-Communists of the Frankfurt School promoted the ideology of Friedrich Nietzsche. Their main mission was to unleash an all-out Marxist war against every area of American life and culture under the guise of political correctness.

The primary goals of the Frankfurt School and its American supporters was the destruction of Christianity and the implementation of cultural chaos…

Chaos that would ultimately be used to transition from cultural Marxism, to the full implementation of traditional Marxism as existed in the Soviet Union.

Dewey and members of the Frankfurt School were only interested in a student’s academic achievement if it would in some way benefit The State.

They used the U.S. education system to mold student’s values, feelings and beliefs into conformity with The State.

Dewey wrote in his book, My Pedagogic Creed:

“I believe the true centre of the correlation on the school subjects is not science, nor literature, nor history, nor geography, but the child’s social activities… I believe that the school is primarily a social institution… The teacher’s business is simply to determine, on the basis of the larger experience and riper wisdom, how the discipline of life shall come to the child… All these questions of the grading of the child and his promotion should be determined by reference to the same standard. Examinations are of use only so far as they test the child’s fitness for social life.”

As recently as 1999, U.S. public education was still rated #1 in the world. Today it’s fallen to 24th.

As damaging as Dewey’s influence on the U.S. public education system has become, it pales in comparison to the social, cultural and economic damage done by the Frankfurt School.

It should be noted that the intended name for the Frankfurt School was “The Institute for Marxism.” The institute’s father and funder, Felix Weil, wrote in 1971 that he “wanted the Institute to become known, and perhaps famous, due to its contributions to Marxism as a scientific discipline…”

However, Weil and the other members decided they could operate more effectively if they concealed their Marxist leanings and true agenda from the public. Eventually, they decided on the name of the “Institute for Social Research.”

The Frankfurt School combined the teachings of Nietzsche, Hegel, Marx, and Freud along with some later influences from Fascists and Marxists like Antonio Gramsci, while adding linguistics to create “Critical Theory,” and “deconstruction.”

The goal of “Critical Theory” and “deconstruction’ was not truth, but attacking and bringing down the current society and culture through unremitting, destructive criticism.

Frankfurt School member Max Horkheimer argued that the true object of Marxism was not the uncovering of immutable truths, but the fostering of social change (social engineering).

The writings and influence of the members of the Frankfurt School faculty and their disciples are still abundant today. Here’s a list of their most influential members:

Leo Löwenthal (1900-1993), Alfred Sohn-Rethel (1899-1990), Karl A. Wittfogel (1896-1988), Erich Fromm (1900-1980), Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979), Max Horkheimer (1895-1973), Friedrich Pollock (1894-1970), Theodor W. Adorno (1903-1969), Siegfried Kracauer (1889-1966), Franz L. Neumann (1900-1954), Franz Oppenheimer (1864-1943), Walter Benjamin (1892-1940)

Frankfurt School

Marxism — American Style

One item that has conveniently escaped the American people (thanks to the mainstream media) is the role journalist Edward R. Murrow played in helping John Dewey embed the Marxist-Communists of Germany’s Frankfurt School into American academia, media and culture.

In 1932, through a grant from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Murrow was named the Assistant Director of the Institute of International Education. Later, he was also named the Assistant Secretary of the Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced German Scholars.”

Murrow also joined the American Russian Institute (known for its defense of the Soviet system), which was founded with the help of John Dewey.

Eventually, Murrow went on to work for CBS as a newscaster, gaining fame by using his broadcast to destroy U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy, who was investigating the infiltration of Communists into education, media and Hollywood…

An allegation Murrow knew to be true, because he personally helped settle many of the Marxist-Communists under investigation into positions of influence.

McCarthy’s personal faults made him an easy target for smears and marginalization.

Yet today, thanks primarily to the release of “The Venona Papers,” McCarthy’s allegations of the communist infiltration of government, academia, the media and Hollywood, have not only been proven true, but were shown to be merely the tip of the iceberg.

Indeed, history has shown that Edward R. Murrow’s attack on McCarthy was not the act of courageous virtue that Hollywood wants you to believe…

But merely an act of self-preservation in protecting himself and his fellow travelers from the certain discovery of their anti-American agenda and operations.

So, why is the history behind today’s political correctness movement so important?

Because the only way any ideology can be understood, is by looking at its historical roots.

And the only way Cultural Marxism will be defeated, is by calling it out for what it is and by refusing to comply…

Even if it’s politically incorrect.

Thanks for reading.

Marty Robinson

Marty Robinson
Contributing Editor for Whiskey & Gunpowder

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