The GOP’s Big Biden Gamble — And How It Could Backfire

I once knew a woman whose otherwise lovable dog would roll onto its back and pee all over itself whenever anyone except her walked in the door.

She said the pooch — a rescue mutt, if I remember correctly — was a “submissive urinator,” either by nature or as a result of some abuse as a pup.

I mention this because I’m now about 95% convinced that aside from the president, the Republican party is being run by a bunch of abused, incontinent shelter pets.

Its leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, is a cowardly mongrel incapable of conceiving of a world beyond his kennel on The Hill and afraid to lead American voters down the righteous path for fear of being bitten by the media Big Dogs.

I say this because Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate handed McConnell and the GOP leadership a golden opportunity to draw out and expose the corruption and shameless partisan deceit that infects today’s Democratic party…

Thereby ensuring president Trump’s re-election and their own hold on the Senate.

But once again, they’ve done what approval-seeking Republicans have been doing for years when given the chance to sink their fangs into the Far Left’s jugular…

They responded with equal force instead of overwhelming force, ensuring nothing but a muddled political tie instead of a decisive victory.

And because of it, McConnell and his Senate cohorts looked just as corrupt as the Democrats, especially once the media branded them as Nixonian cover-up artists.

My simple question is: “Why didn’t McConnell and Company go for the throat?”

Before I get into answering that question, though, I just want to get one thing on the record, unequivocally…

Because it’s relevant, and no one else seems to be talking much about it.

The Trump impeachment fiasco is Newt Gingrich’s fault

Without Newt and his own pack of GOP lap-dogs pursuing an impeachment they knew from the get-go would be doomed in the Senate…

For offenses that — although deplorable in every way — could never be reasonably argued to constitute high crimes against this nation…

The Democrats would not have had any precedent for attempting to oust Trump.

The Republicans “overreached” in 1998 (Gingrich’s own word, not mine), which gave today’s Democrats cover to say, in effect:

“Hey, Clinton got impeached for lying and covering up petty personal affairs, but this guy Trump is trying to rig a national election!”

As you may recall, the GOP impeached Bill Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice — ominous sounding crimes, to be sure…

Until you consider that they weren’t in relation to matters of national security, but about where, when, and how Clinton may or may not have dunked his bishop.

To even some of the most rabid right-wingers, this seemed a rather underwhelming reason to impeach a sitting president.

And apparently, the American public agreed. Because instead of picking up 30 seats in the ‘98 midterms, as Gingrich anticipated, the GOP lost five seats in the House.

Shortly after that, Newt himself resigned ignominiously.

The point, once again, is that Gingrich lowered the impeachment bar to a level over which even the most preposterous charge can now easily soar.

But that’s all ancient history, right? Why is it important to my argument today?

It’s important because it seems at first glance like McConnell and the GOP leadership learned nothing from Newt’s mistake…

Or did they?

Let me unpack that for you, and you can decide for yourself…

“Give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself.”

— Old adage of unknown origin

Earlier, I said I was around 95% sure the Republican leadership were spineless dogs.

That estimate comes from the simple fact that the GOP could easily have spun the Trump impeachment trial in the Senate to tremendous political advantage.

But they didn’t — at least not in any obvious or impactful sense.

Here’s what I mean: As surely as the Clinton debacle set the precedent for the use of frivolous partisan impeachment as a political bludgeon…

It ALSO set the precedent of annihilation at the ballot box for the party wielding it.

So the obvious play for Republicans here would be to milk the Senate impeachment for all it’s worth…

To stretch it out for as long as possible, keep it in the news cycle around the clock and make the Democrats own it outright.

Call all the witnesses that got blocked from testifying in the House impeachment hearings — plus 30 more.

Keep Warren, Sanders, and Klobuchar bogged down in the Senate answering for their overreach and off the campaign trail.

Make Adam Schiff give so many impassioned pleas at the start and finish of every day that his already bulging eyes pop right out of his head.

In other words: Give those jackasses enough rope to hang themselves — because that’s exactly what they were doing

Until McConnell and Co. granted them a stay of self-execution by barring witnesses and abruptly acquitting Trump in the fastest impeachment trial in U.S. history!

So what if the witnesses opened a few new cans of worms?

If there were any factual evidence that warranted Trump’s removal from office…

It would’ve already been sniffed out by the investigative arm of the Democratic party (the mainstream media), or Deep State “embeds” in the government itself.

What about John Bolton, you’re wondering?

If I’m McConnell, rather than wait for his much-ballyhooed book to come out…

I’d much rather make Bolton drop whatever bombshell he’s got under oath, in a trial, and subject to vigorous cross examination at the hands of my own legal eagles.

Think of the advance book sales it would spoil, too. It’d be like: “Ha! Take that, you walrus-looking turncoat!”

I could go on, but you get my point here.

With the Senate impeachment trial, I think the GOP squandered their chance to cement Trump’s second term. They could’ve put the Democrats on the defensive, exposed their utter partisanship and corrupt willingness to do anything to win…

While at the same time proving to the American public that Trump and the Republican party have nothing to hide from them.

I mean, wasn’t the whole point of releasing the transcript of Trump’s call with Ukrainian president Zelensky to be completely transparent in this matter?

How does that square with a hasty, truncated Senate trial that made the GOP look like they’re trying to sweep a bunch of stuff under the carpet?

It’s schizophrenic. The ultimate in mixed messages.

McConnell knew how the Democrats and the media were going to spin it, too. So why play into their hands?

There’s only one reason I can think of…

Mitch and his mutts want to make sure it’s Trump vs. Biden

The only way the optics of all this make any kind of sense is if McConnell and the GOP want Trump to face Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

That connects a lot of dots, at least for me.

Let’s say McConnell’s got the goods on Biden and Ukraine corruption — that the rabbit hole goes even deeper than anything we’ve heard so far.

Why reveal all the evidence and knock him out now?

It would make more sense to take the focus off Biden for now, even if it means making yourself and your party look bad.

Then once he’s the nominee, you let him gaffe around for a few weeks, and BOOM.

You nuke him out of the contest in October with incontrovertible evidence proving he and his family are as crooked as, well, politicians

And Trump gets another four years in a landslide.

It’s a classic “lose the battle to win the war” gambit, and it’s kind of brilliant.

But only if it’s true.

Personally, I don’t think McConnell is that smart, or the GOP that disciplined.

After all, these are the same people who couldn’t cooperate to get anything noteworthy accomplished when they had total control of the U.S. government for the first two years of Trump’s presidency.

To think they’re all of a sudden capable of a strategy this nuanced and coordinated is a big stretch. And even if it is true, it’s still a huge gamble.

Because what if Biden doesn’t end up getting the nomination — which looks more and more likely with every passing day?

That would render any evidence the GOP has against him moot.

But the negative optics of their partisan, token Senate impeachment trial could cost Trump the re-election against whoever the Democrats do nominate.

Actually, in a way, I guess that kind of gutsy gamble would prove that McConnell really isn’t a rug-pissing coward dog, like I originally posited…

Just a stupid, short-sighted, and clumsy one.

Strategically Yours,

Jim Amrhein

Jim Amrhein
Freedoms Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

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