I’m Hopping on the MAGA Train!

That’s right, I’m getting in on MAGA train…

But not how you might think…

You see, MAGA doesn’t just mean Make America Great Again…

It also refers to tech titans on Wall Street.

You may be familiar with FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google).

But this acronym is about to be usurped!

MAGA — Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon are now the biggest tech on the Street.

And before this morning, this group of four were killing earnings — solidifying each of their spots in the exclusive trillion-dollar club.

But after reporting earnings just a few hours ago, Google fell below the trillion-dollar line…

No worries, it’s place in MAGA is still safe.

In fact, one part of its latest numbers is what made me jump from FANG to MAGA…

YouTube’s Numbers — Revealed

I’ll admit, as an investor, I’ve been frustrated with Alphabet (Google’s parent company) in the past.

Mainly because it’s kept the market in the dark about huge parts of its business.

But finally today, we got to see the real numbers.

And it’s what saved Google its seat — and put me solidly on the MAGA wave.

Google revealed that YouTube’s 2019 revenue was $15 billion, just shy of Netflix’s $15.8 billion yearly revenue.

So what does that mean?

Well, to start off, Netflix definitely has competitors coming out of every corner.

And YouTube could very well be Google’s player in the streaming wars.

Plus, it showed me that MAGA is way more of an indication for where tech stocks are going next than FANG.

That’s not to say I’m not still optimistic about Facebook or Netflix for future growth.

But if you’re looking for the hottest names in this sector, I think all four — Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon — reigned supreme this earnings season.

With a combined $4 trillion in market value, you might think these companies have hit their tops.

Don’t count them out yet, because as we’ve clearly seen this earnings season, the MAGA tech giants are not slowing down!

Yours for Weekly Profits,

Alan Knuckman

Alan Knuckman
Floor Trader, The Daily Edge

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