Media Cover Up: How Trump’s Taking Iran DOWN From the Inside Out


The angry chant pushed by the Iranian Khamenei for decades…

Has recently been replaced by a surprising new war cry from the Iranian public:


This sudden and full-on rebellion is made possible by President Trump’s “strongman” leadership.

Because after two terms of limp-wristed meddling by Obama…

Iran now has to deal with someone who won’t put up with their empty threats.


The results of Trump’s strong words (to put it lightly) and tough policies can be seen on the ground.

Right now in Iran, anti-American propaganda is being torn down to thunderous cheers:


Rioters are burning and looting government-owned businesses… police stations… and even religious institutions by the hundreds.

Military members enlisted to confront the uprising are forbidden from contacting their families out of fear soldiers will defect.

7,000 protesters have been arrested in the Iranian government’s struggle to regain control…

And over 1,500 have been killed in the streets — enough people to fill 28 school buses.1

When families try to recover the bodies of their murdered loved ones, the Iranian government demands they pay the cost of the ammunition.

The government of Iran is in such a panic that they actually shut down the entire country’s internet in mid-November (and did so again in late December).


To put it bluntly, our greatest enemy in the middle east and the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism is teetering on the verge of collapse.

And you haven’t heard a word about it, have you?

It’s no surprise. The corporate press has been infested with traitors for decades…

Like when Che Guevara praised American journalists as “more important to [our communist rebels] than a victory on the battlefield”…

And the New York Times who still refuse to give back the Pulitzer “earned” by their despicable employee Walter Durante…

The scumbag who cheered on Stalin in the pages of American newspapers… while he knowingly covered up the genocide committed by the Soviets in the Holodomor.

It’s clear the leftist puppets in the media will go to any length to protect their own… and destroy anyone they see as a threat.

Which is exactly the reason you haven’t heard about Iran’s imminent collapse.

The press CANNOT allow you to know about Trump’s victory because it would help him win the next election.

But they can’t hide the truth from you forever.

Because sooner or later, Trump will take credit for the historic victory in the Middle East.

And when he does, the whole world will learn how Trump broke the back of Iran BEFORE taking out its top general last night.

“Trump has deliberately destabilized Iran”

— Trita Parsi, Journalist

How did we get here?

The story begins 2 years ago as the radically anti-Semitic and anti-American (even by Iranian standards) President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was ousted from office and replaced by the “reformist” President Rouhani.

Rouhani pledged to bring prosperity to Iran by cutting a nuclear deal with Obama.

The deal was struck, and among other benefits, Iran collected $71 billion dollars (partly delivered in physical cash on pallets).

The success led the Iranian people to re-elect Rouhani in a landslide victory.

There was dancing in the streets as throngs of young people celebrated Rouhani’s swindle of Obama.

But despite the lucrative deal with America, Iran’s quasi-communist economy continued to fall apart.

The youth unemployment rose to a staggering 30% as the $71 billion was squandered by politicians and the clerical class.

Then, the tinder was set ablaze as the Iranian government announced their budget for the upcoming year (the Iranian calendar begins in March) which contained a shocking decision.

While their people muddled through a life of poverty…

The Khamenei had decided to significantly increase the pay for the clerical class and military.

In that moment, the people of Iran understood that political “hardliners,” “moderates” and “reformists” were all the same…

The problem was the Iranian government itself.

So only seven months after Rouhani’s re-election, the Iranian people switched from dancing to rioting.

How The “Official Story” is a Bald-Faced Lie

The Iranian military responded to the riots with a violent assault leaving almost a thousand protestors dead in the street.

But the murder of protestors only angered Iranians as the country continues to spiral out of control.

Then just last month on November 24th, the government raised the price of gasoline.

If you were an Iranian citizen, the price for your first 15 gallons (basically one tank of gas) jumped 50% overnight.

If you wanted to purchase more than one tank, your price climbed 300%.

(If the gas station near my house raised their prices by that much, it would cost $107.55 to fill up my tank.)

The Iranian regime and western apologists would have us believe that the riots are solely because of the gas prices.

But here’s how we know that’s a complete lie.

Because while the recent gas hike was 300%…

13 years ago the Iranian government introduced a massive 500% price hike for gas and there were NO public protests.

So what’s different this time around?

Trump broke the back of Iran by reversing Obama’s policies with strong sanctions.

“US sanctions, combined with the Iranian government’s high levels of corruption and mismanagement, have played a key role in Iran’s economic downfall.”

— Negar Mortazavi, The Independent

Before Trump’s sanctions, Johns Hopkins University and Cato Institute economist Steve Hanke had ranked Iran as number 3 on his world-wide misery index.2

Now with sanctions in place, the Iranian people are furious at the Khamenei.

“Death to the dictator!”

“Death to Khamenei!”

Iran’s failure to support its own people, special treatment of the military and clerical class, and the government’s campaign of terror across the middle east really led to the country’s undoing…

And now with its strongest military leader dead, Iran is an even bigger powder keg of weakness and corruption.

And Trump is the lit match.

Mark my words: America’s greatest enemy in the middle east will fall by their own hand… And one precise shove from President Donald J. Trump that will catapult our president into a second term.


Matt Insley

Matt Insley
Publisher, Whiskey & Gunpowder

1 New Fallout from Iran Protester Crackdown, Twitter
2 Hanke’s Annual Misery Index 2018: The World’s Saddest (And Happiest) Countries, Forbes

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