A Love Letter to America from a Russian Spy

If caught, he knew what his fate at the hands of the KGB would be. Weeks of torture in Lubyanka prison and then a bullet from a 9mm Makarov in the back of the head. But, it wasn’t the fear of death that motivated him, it was his desire for freedom…

After years of disillusionment and growing disgust for the communist system, he finally saw his opportunity. Dressed in a long-haired wig, complete with bell bottoms, beads and a paisley shirt, he disguised himself to blend in with a group of American hippies traveling across Europe.

And in February of 1970, he defected to the U.S. embassy in Athens, Greece.

His name was Yuri Bezmenov, (pronounced Yurr-ee Bez-meh-noff).

He was a Soviet KGB agent and a master of political subversion, psychological warfare and propaganda.

And it’s his warning to the American people contained in his “Love Letter to America,” published in 1984 and written under the pen name of Tomas David Schuman, that I want to share with you today.

So why should you be concerned with a warning from a Russian spy written over thirty years ago?

Because it details a multi-decade long plan to collapse America from within and fully explains how by design…

Our country has become more divided than at any time in history since the civil war…

Why we’re seeing vicious direct attacks on our nation’s founding values and culture…

Why our greatest threat is no longer from Russia, or even China, but from within…

And reveals the final step in the planned takedown and collapse of America…

Dear Americans,

“My name is Tomas David Schuman. I am what you may call a “defector” from the USSR, and I have a message for you: I love you very much. I love all of you—liberals, conservatives, decadent capitalists, and oppressed masses, blacks and whites and browns and yellows, rednecks and intellectuals.

For me you are the people who created the most unique nation, country and society in the history of mankind—by no means a perfect one, but, let’s face it—the most free, affluent and just in today’s world.

I am not alone in this love. People all over the Earth, whether they praise America or bitterly criticize her, look upon you as the only hope for mankind’s survival and the last stronghold of freedom.”

Those are the opening lines in Bezmenov’s “Love Letter to America” written under the pen name Tomas David Schuman.

Bezmenov goes on to write that no amount of propaganda can convince him that America is not the greatest country in the world.

He asks the critics of capitalism and American culture: Why do thousands risk their lives, going through unimaginable troubles, leaving behind their families, their motherland and traditional ways of life to come to America?

And even today, as criticism of our country, our culture, and our economic system of capitalism have nearly divided our nation to the point of civil war… Bezmenov’s question still rings true.

If America, capitalism, our culture and values are so oppressive that we need the “complete transformation of America,” as desired by today’s progressive left…

Then why do we still see millions of immigrants from all over the world flooding into America?

And if socialism, Marxism and communism are the answer…

Then why don’t we see tens of thousands of refugees from Hong Kong and Taiwan trying to sneak across the border into communist China?

Why don’t we see “boat people” battling ocean currents to land upon the shores of Cuba seeking their vaunted free healthcare and the workers’ paradise promised by Castro’s Marxist-Leninist revolution?

And why aren’t caravans of enlightened progressives leaving America in droves for the socialist promised land of Venezuela?

It’s because as Yuri Bezmenov wrote in 1984, “they believe and KNOW—America is a better place.”

You see, this battle really isn’t about political ideology, class, culture, or economic systems…

It’s about power.

Power and control over you.

Bezmenov explains this further by writing:

“My dear friends, I think you are in big trouble. Whether you believe it or not, YOU ARE AT WAR. And you may lose this war very soon, together will all your affluence and freedoms, unless you start defending yourselves.

This war of Communist World Aggression is not fought against some mythological “capitalists” as Communist propaganda claims. No, my dear friends, this war is fought against YOU—personally.

Communist wars of world aggression are not fought for liberty and equality. We have thousands of unequivocal examples of the horrendous human suffering, torture and mass death that occur after a Soviet liberation.

The final stage of Communist aggression—military confrontation, has very little to do with rivalry for territorial or geopolitical gains in order to free and liberate. Communist world aggression is a total war against humanity and human civilization.

The driving force of this war has very little to do with natural aspirations of people for better lives and greater freedoms. If at all, these aspirations are being used and taken advantage of by the manipulators and progenitors of the war.

The real driving force of this war is IDEOLOGY… And an integral part of this war of ideology is IDEOLOGIAL SUBVERSION—the process of changing the perception of reality in the minds of millions of people all over the world.”

Bezmenov goes on to add…

“The art of duping the masses into doing things to their own disadvantage and making them believe it is “the will of the people,” is as ancient as mankind itself.

To achieve the desired effect, the subverter must first—make idiots of normal people and divide them, before turning the people into a homogenized mass of useful and united idiots.”

The Art of War:
Creating an Army of Useful Idiots

Is this not what we are seeing on college campuses and progressive political rallies nationwide—a homogenized mass of useful and united idiots?

In 500 B.C., the Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu formulated the principles of political subversion that are still being followed by Marxist-socialist, progressives today…

  • Cover with ridicule all of the valid traditions in your opponent’s country.
  • Implicate their leaders in criminal affairs and turn them over to the scorn of their population at the right time.
  • Disrupt the work of their government by every means possible.
  • Do not shun the aid of the lowest and most despicable individuals of your enemy’s country.
  • Spread disunity and dispute among the citizens.
  • Turn the young against the old.
  • Be generous with promises and rewards to collaborators and accomplices.

Does this not sound familiar?

Is this not what we’re seeing in America today?

In his warning to America, Bezmenov goes on to make perhaps his most important point…

The greatest danger to America is in failing to recognize the process of subversion is a long-term process of gradualism. A process of years and decades to where the average citizen is unable to perceive it as a consistent and willful directed effort, let alone a fatal threat to freedom, democracy and their way of life.

Think of it as boiling a frog…

If a frog is suddenly thrust into a pot of boiling water, it will instinctively resist and jump out. But if the frog is gently placed into a pot of warm water which is then slowly brought to a boil, it will not perceive the danger until it’s too late and will be cooked to death.

Bezmenov goes on to explain how America is being subverted by design in order to merge the U.S. into a Marxist-socialist world government under U.N control by the global elite…

While laying out the four steps on how it will be done.

1. Demoralization

This phase usually takes 15-20 years. The key is the takeover of the public education system in which an entire generation can be exposed to the ideology of the enemy, while being protected under the guise of freedom of speech within the academic community. It is also of primary importance to create an atmosphere within the academic community where dissent is not tolerated, by mandating what is, and what is not – politically correct.

Primary goals are to destroy the existing cultural values by blurring the lines between good and evil, law and order, capitalism and socialism, legal vs. illegal immigration, organized religion and secular humanism, the roles of the sexes, and to destroy the family unit.

This is the phase in which future leaders are indoctrinated, and academics, journalists, and politicians are trained.

This step was accomplished in America during the 1960s-1980s, but still continues today.

2. Destabilization

This is where “sleepers” – those educated and indoctrinated in the “demoralization” phase appear out of nowhere and rise to power in the government (realize Bezmenov said this in 1984). Think about the rise of Barack Obama from political obscurity, and the sudden appearance of all of his Czars and key advisers who were lifelong Marxists, socialists and “Red-Diaper baby” communists that no one had ever heard of.

These sleepers suddenly rise to leadership positions in the government and begin to seize power. It’s all about seizing power. Also those in academia, law, and the media begin to promote Marxist-Leninist influence and views – always without labeling them as such.

Those in military leadership positions are screened for, and selected relative to their “globalist” views.

The government begins to involve itself in the economy by intervening in the markets and corporate management (as we saw in the 2008 financial crisis and the stimulus spending bills that followed).

Key areas targeted are trade and the economy (NAFTA, GATT, WTO), foreign policy (detente, normalization of relations with the communists and radical terrorist states), defense systems (nuclear disarmament, selling key technology and weapons systems transfers to foreign powers, downsizing and/or over-extending the military). Ceding power through treaties to the UN and international organizations (climate accords, the world court).

This is also where you begin to see the militarization of the police, as the police surveillance state begins to focus on the general populace who suddenly become an enemy of the state (all of which accelerated in the post-911 world).

3. Crisis

After the government (think Deep State) has seized power and control over the economy, the markets, the media, academia and the educational system; the police surveillance state begins to be rapidly rolled out in advance of a “planned crisis and event – trigger.”

Next comes a final event or crisis, in which the government seizes complete and total power, and the people stand down, as the populace looks to government as their savior.

STOP! Is this not where America is today?

You can see it with the Democrats and the Deep State refusing to recognize a duly elected president, while engaging in an open political coup in broad daylight…

A coup being fully supported by the mainstream media who are dangerously gas lighting the public to the point of a violent civil war…

All the while social media is censoring, de-platforming, and vilifying their political opposition…

Capitalism itself is on trial, as half the nation now openly embraces socialism…

Our debt is soaring and even though markets have reached all-time highs, the Federal Reserve has had to cut interest rates and add hundreds of billions of dollars in liquidity to an aging bull market… a market many feel is yet another bubble waiting to pop.

So what will be the final crisis?

Will it be a Marxist-Leninist show trial held by a single party and presented to the masses as a constitutional impeachment?

Will it be another financial collapse that many experts are predicting will be worse than the great depression… an extension of the systemic financial collapse of 2008 in which nothing was solved… only postponed with more debt, artificially lower interest rates and trillions of dollars of QE?

It almost seems as if the 911 attacks and 2008 financial collapse were a taste of what is yet to come… a trial run if you will…

Where government used the crisis to seize our liberties, increase their power and loot the Treasury.

But yet somehow America held together, if only by a thread.

However, given the political divide in America today, I have a feeling we may not be so lucky when (not if), the next crisis arrives.

So what comes after the crisis?

That brings us to Bezmenov’s final step…

4. Normalization

Bezmenov warns that in any Marxist-socialist takeover this is when the roundup of political dissidents begins to take place…

When borders are closed, when travel is restricted, when capital can no longer flee, when the government takes control of all media…

And where no form of resistance is tolerated by the state.

Normalization is a term borrowed from Soviet propaganda from the time of the Soviet “fraternal” invasion of Czechoslovakia. It’s when the vanquished country is brought by force into the “normal” state of socialism, namely subjugation.

Bezmenov warns this is when you will start seeing friendly foreign soldiers in the streets of our cities working together with American law enforcement forming an international peace-keeping force to restore “law and order.”

He warns that if America ever cedes its morals and values to political correctness…

And its sovereignty to global governance…

There would be no safe haven left to flee to, as America would be the last domino to fall, collapsing the world into what the globalist elites have been working towards ever since the formation of the League of Nations and the U.N.

No borders, no walls, no USA at all…

Instead, a totalitarian world government run by them for them, with their Marxist-socialist boot on the neck of the masses forever…

Just as George Orwell warned in his book 1984, and as Yuri Bezmenov has warned in his “Love Letter to America.”

There’s an old saying that “freedom isn’t free.”

And in case you haven’t noticed America, that bill is now due and payable once again.

Our founding fathers paid that bill, as did many of our fathers and grandfathers.

Today, that bill lies at our feet.

And one day our children and grandchildren will either sing our praises, or curse our very existence…

And the choice is all ours.

Thanks for reading,

Marty Robinson
Contributing Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

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