The Hunter Biden Story NO ONE Is Telling…

The Hunter Biden story is hard to miss if you follow U.S. politics even a little bit.

Hunter… Son of former Vice President Joe Biden… Money from Ukraine and China…

The story isn’t about Hunter, though. It’s about his father Joe, who is running for President; another story that’s hard to miss.

Allegations are flying back and forth. The current framing is that Hunter was engaged in so-called political “corruption,” versus the standard political defense of “nothing to see here, just normal business.”

I have a different take. We’re watching the aftermath of at least two failed foreign intelligence operations. They crashed, and are now blowing up into a public spectacle. I’ll explain more in a moment…

Here’s the background. In mid-2013, while Joe Biden was Vice President in the Obama administration, son Hunter landed a sweet spot on the board of directors of a Ukrainian gas company. The pay check was $50,000 per month, per news accounts.

Then in December 2013, son Hunter accompanied his father to China on government business. There, Joe Biden met with China’s president. Then, within two weeks, Bank of China – a serious institution – placed $1.5 billion in a hedge fund that Hunter had set up, along with an associate who happens to be the step-son of John Kerry, then U.S. Secretary of State.

It’s fair to say that Hunter lacks background that would normally prepare him for work with either Ukraine or China. He never before worked with either country, and doesn’t speak the languages. He has no experience in energy (natural gas in particular), nor in running a 10-figure sized hedge fund.

Some might claim payola is at work. Dad is Vice President; son enjoys big paydays. Some might even say, “Where’s my $50,000?”

The Biden side denies wrongdoing. Everything was on the up and up, they claim. Former Veep Joe Biden denies being privy to any of Hunter’s exploits either as a Ukrainian gas oligarch, or as a Chinese hedge fund master of the universe.

Meanwhile, much mainstream media refer to the Hunter Biden story as “discredited,” if media cover the matter at all. In essence, goes the explanation, Hunter is just a put-upon son of a famous father being dragged through the mud of modern politics.

But it’s more than just “politics.”

It all reminds me of something I learned long ago about spy-craft and intelligence gathering during the days of the Soviet Union and Warsaw pact in Europe. Specifically, it resurrects the teachings of a certain Ion Mihai Pacepa; former General, and director of intelligence operations for Romania in the Cold War.

That is, Hunter Biden was caught in an “intelligence” operation. And clearly, Ukraine and China were following an old spy-script.

In the 1970s, the aforementioned Romanian Gen. Pacepa ran his country’s intelligence operations under the former – now long-deceased – dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

You may not know much about Romanian intelligence in the Cold War, but it was good. Back then, Romanian agents spread across Europe and the U.S. They penetrated military, civil-government and private sectors. Indeed, Romania was responsible for quite a bit of technology theft from U.S. defense contractors such as Texas Instruments and Fairchild Semiconductors.

Fortunately for the West, Romania’s intelligence boss Pacepa defected to the U.S. in July 1978. He was the highest-ranking Soviet bloc intelligence officer ever to come into U.S. control. And he was a gold mine.

Post-defection, Pacepa spent several years being debriefed by U.S. intelligence services. He was a walking encyclopedia of information about Romanian, Soviet and Soviet-bloc spying. He explained in detail how it all worked… And in 1987 even wrote an actual book on it, entitled Red Horizons.

One key point that Pacepa shared was the Romanian intelligence service’s strong focus on recruiting and exploiting so-called “agents of influence.”

That is, Romanian method was not just to plant outright “spies” in high places, although that was a great coup if it happened. Instead, Romania found it more efficient to identify people who were part of the “enemy camp” (i.e., the West), and recruit them for Romanian purposes.

Sometimes, recruitment was relatively easy. The intelligence service might uncover a Westerner who was already leaning ideologically Marxist, if not Communist; it’s not that hard to bring a person like that into the fold.

Other times, the intelligence service might hold compromising material on someone; evidence of wrongdoing. A good officer can harness a target’s inner guilt and create an intelligence asset.

Or the intelligence service might just offer money. Some people will do all manner of things for money.

There are many other examples; too many to discuss just now. But it’s worth noting that in the late 1970s Romania’s top man Ceausescu ordered his intelligence people to recruit no less than Billy Carter, brother of then-U.S. President Jimmy Carter…

Billy Carter (1937 – 1988) was a farmer, gas station operator, brewer and low-level politician. History records Billy’s second-most famous episode as when he capitalized on his brother Jimmy’s presidency and endorsed a libation called “Billy Beer.”

Billy’s most famous escapade was accepting $2 million from the government of Libya; a lot of money, certainly back then. And it triggered an intelligence investigation, labeled “Billygate.” President Carter publicly disowned his brother over the issue.

Behind the scenes, Romanian dictator Ceausescu had already ordered Gen. Pacepa to work on recruiting Billy Carter as well. Do it “officially, not suspiciously,” was the tasking.

Romanian intelligence began a process of bringing Billy into the fold. But the recruitment failed due to Billy’s greed and astonishing indiscretion, which led him to take Libyan money, brag about it and get himself into trouble.

Point is though, Romania’s idea was to drop money into Billy’s lap and over time turn him into a workable asset; an agent of influence.

Which brings us back to Hunter Biden. He received significant payouts from Ukrainian and Chinese entities. There’s no question; he admits that he took the money.

Now, I have to say this… I’m long retired from my days in the U.S. Navy. I do not speak on behalf of the Navy, Department of Defense or U.S. government. But…

My “inner intelligence officer” tells me that Hunter was being groomed for future exploitation by both Ukrainian and Chinese clandestine services. The likely plan was to hook Hunter with up-front cash, and turn him into an “agent of influence.”

I’m not calling Hunter a “spy” or a “traitor,” nor impugning his patriotism. He’s just a gullible guy who smelled cash and took the foreign bait.

Why Hunter? Obvious… Hunter’s father was U.S. Vice President. The Ukrainian and Chinese money was a buy-in. They wanted a blood-relative connection into clan-Biden for when the time might come to call in a favor.

I’m not at all shocked that foreign powers tried to wrap up Hunter. This is exactly what foreign intelligence services do. I’d expect no less from any nation that seeks “agents” to influence U.S. affairs. (And I wonder how many other Washington politicians are already in the same spot…)

Here’s something that’s even worse than the singular Hunter-issue… The Obama White House was filled with lawyers, political handlers, intelligence officers and counter-espionage hound-dogs. Pretty much all of them had, or could have had, the ear of then-Veep Joe Biden.

Someone should’ve taken Biden père et fils aside, and explained that Hunter’s evident good fortune with Ukraine and China was simply the down-payment on a recruitment effort.

In my mind, there’s no question here… Ukraine and China were both playing Hunter to gain entrée to father Joe. That’s how this stuff works. When Hunter cashed the foreigners’ checks, they had their man.

It’s simple. The Hunter Biden deals with Ukraine and China were ops. Hunter took the bait. Now he and father Joe are defending what happened.

Draw your own conclusions as to whether you want more of that level of gullibility and bad judgment in the White House.

On that note, I rest my case.

That’s all for now…  Thank you for subscribing and reading.

Best wishes,

Byron King

Byron King
Managing Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

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