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Greta Thunberg is Right About One Thing

Ever since her vehement carbon diox-atribe at the UN Climate Action Summit on September 23rd, everyone’s been buzzing about teenaged global warming whack-tivist Greta Thunberg.

Aside from shaming us all for burning up the planet with immoral habits like growing food, generating electricity, and building homes…

LadyNot to mention totally unnecessary indulgences like driving, eating and breathing…

Greta called for urgent change in her, uh— speech.

And predictably in this age of child worship, millions of so-called “adults” have just snapped to in response.

Thunberg-inspired climate demonstrations have sprouted up all over the world…

The liberal mass media has positively deified her…

And world leaders are sucking up to her to boost their own climate cred.

Virtually no one has been grown-up enough to push back at her dire warnings, which we’ve been hearing at the UN in one form or another since 1989 (and we haven’t drowned yet).

And guess what…

I’m not going to, either — at least not in this article (I will in another piece soon, however).

Instead, I’m going to point out how right Greta Thunberg is about one very disturbing thing…

Something far worse for the future of this planet than climate change could ever prove to be.

Invasion of the Childhood Snatchers

“You have stolen my dreams and my childhood,” said Greta in her angry UN rant…

And on that one point, she’s absolutely spot-on right.

Thunberg’s childhood and dreams HAVE been utterly and shamelessly stolen from her…

Not by any change in the climate, mind you — but by leftists determined to recruit a vast army of virtue-signaling, politically correct snowflake children to fight their battles for them.

Their plan is diabolically brilliant, when you think about it…

They know that kids’ minds process things through their amygdala (the emotional part) instead of their not-yet-fully-developed prefrontal cortex (the rational part), like adults.

They know that kids can be gullible, having had very little actual life experience to give them any sense of perspective about what’s real and what’s hyperbole.

And they know that kids are naturally inclined to trust pretty much any grown-up who’s not a drooling, candy-dangling stranger — especially teachers, parents, and celebrities.

Add this all up and you get millions of passionate, yet naïve kids who are vulnerable to partisan adults molding them into political foot-soldiers with sensational and simplistic emotional rhetoric (like stories about drowning polar bears)…

And that’s exactly what the political left — which is lurching more and more toward militant, big-government socialism with every passing minute — is doing in much of America today.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the public schools of our more liberal states and cities.

It’s why New York City recently granted over a million students the day off school without penalty to attend September’s “youth climate strikes.” To be clear, this was not a generic, floating holiday for kids to attend a political protest of their choosing…

It was a holiday specifically for climate demonstrations, a far-left signature cause.

Tell me that’s not a bribe to adopt liberal beliefs. A day off school, are you kidding me?

I’d have gone to a Urine Drinkers Society rally to get a free day off school in my teens.

Partisan brainwashing is also why earlier this year, the California school system decided it would start teaching gender identity curriculum to kindergarteners

Think that’s not covert recruitment for future LGBTQ activism, a liberal cause celebre?

Don’t get me wrong — I’ve got nothing against equal rights (including marriage) for gay people or anyone else in this sphere. But that’s not the point…

My point is that it’s just plain wrong to force 5-year-olds who know nothing of sex — and whose mental maturity and grip on reality include believing in the tooth fairy — to seriously think about (or outright decide) which way their sexual compasses are pointed.

Seems like it would be incredibly confusing to little kids, and probably even traumatizing.

I see it as sexualizing children, like those creepy kid beauty pageants where the little girls are all dolled up and shimmying around like hookers to please a bunch of perverted adults.

Another example: Liberal stronghold Washington, DC requires high school students to complete 100 hours of community service before being allowed to graduate…

But how those hours are used is decided by the local education agency — not the students.

In other words, I’m pretty sure things like trying to save lives by handing out anti-late-term abortion pamphlets at the Planned Parenthood office wouldn’t qualify…

But I’ll bet atoning for their “economic privilege” by ladling out soup they didn’t pay for to criminals and homeless drug addicts would.

I could go on, too. Unisex bathrooms, historical revisionism, dress code double-standards (try wearing an NRA shirt to school), recasting traditional American ideas as hate speech…

I can argue how all of these things — and more — are examples of our young people being indoctrinated into a leftist political ideology under the auspices of education.

To me, that’s just plain wrong. Not because it creates more liberals, but because it’s an abuse of power, in any partisan direction.

Believe me, I’d be just as adamant about all this if far-right reactionaries were the ones trying to turn public schools into youth recruitment camps.

In my opinion — not as a parent, but as a human being — kids should be allowed to be kids. Happy, having fun, and learning about life and the world at their own natural pace.

They shouldn’t be forced to contend with adult problems and decisions before they’re mentally, physically, or hormonally equipped to do so…

And the longer they can avoid grappling with the complexities, vagaries, and disillusioning emotional brutality of politics, the better.

This sort of thing has happened before, remember?

In the 1920s and 30s, a proto-socialist movement with an incontrovertible belief in its own superiority and righteousness rose in Germany.

It was hostile to entrepreneurship, private wealth, religion, and diversity. And one of its core tenets was the political indoctrination of youth…

It damn near succeeded in taking over the world, too.

I, for one, don’t want anything even remotely like that to occur ever again on the face of this Earth, on any scale.

Yet I can’t help but see its ghost in today’s extreme, activist political left. They, too, are hostile to entrepreneurship, wealth, and diversity of thought…

They, too, believe they’re absolutely correct (especially on the environment), and fully justified in taking extreme and sweeping measures to achieve their political ends…

And they, too, are targeting young people for indoctrination — often at the expense of their happiness, innocence, and mental health.

Greta Thunberg is a living, breathing example of this.

She doesn’t seem happy at all to me. She seems possessed with anger and worry, and obsessed with politics and statistics instead of normal stuff kids her age think about.

When I look at her, I see an anxious, entitled and misguided teenager who was utterly robbed of the carefree wonderment of childhood, with all its laughter and dreams…

And more and more in America today, I see politically hijacked kids just like her all around me.

It breaks my heart.

Innocently Yours,

Jim Amrhein

Jim Amrhein
Freedoms Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

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