Introducing: The Trump “Volfefe Index”

Remember when President Trump sunk Boeing’s stock price… just from this one tweet?

Trump Tweet

Shares didn’t stay down for long, but it was one of the first times the market saw how something as trivial as a tweet could have a real impact.

These days, people care more than ever about what the president tweets… you never know when you’ll wake up to the market tanking from one of Trump’s late-night Twitter rants.

It’s become such a phenomenon in fact, that just last week, JPMorgan created what it calls the “Volfefe Index” to track and analyze the market-impact of each of his Twitter posts.

For the first time ever, you’ll actually be able to trade President Trump’s crazy tweets!

Because, like in the case with Boeing, the companies he targets almost always recover from their fleeting losses.

So if you can catch that dip and sell when it rebounds…

You could pocket some quick cash!

Now… are you ready to become a tweet trader?

Buy the Dip… Sell the Rip!

Trump has a knack for grabbing the public’s attention. Who could forget when he posted this about Nordstrom (JWN) in 2017…

Trump Tweet

JWN slipped about 1% in the minutes following the tweet.

Like Boeing and so many other companies that find themselves under fire from the president, Nordstrom rallied for the remainder of the day.

In fact, when Trump singles out a company, it seems to do better with the increased attention from the market.

That gives you a very limited window — with Nordstrom it was just a few minutes.

Nordstrom Stock Chart

But using the Volfefe Index, you have the chance to get in at a slight discount and capitalize on the price-boost that follows.

And it’s not just individual stocks that have felt the heat from a Trump tweet… only to later recover and climb to new highs.

The President has spent the last month in heated (and very public) trade talks with China, sparking turbulent price action on Wall Street.

On Aug. 23, when he tweeted America would be raising tariffs on Chinese goods, stocks recorded staggering losses and the Dow dropped 600 points in a matter of hours.

But then a few weeks later, the Commander-in-Chief changed his tune and tweeted that he would delay tariffs as a gesture of “good will” to China…

Investors sighed in relief — the Dow closed near its record high and stocks shot up across the board.

The volatility can be jarring. But it also gives you a unique investment opportunity… no matter if you’re a short-term trader or a long-term investor!

Volfefe Chart

Price, Politics or Both?

It’s always smart to focus on price not politics.

But I must admit, politics do have a way of seeping into the market one way or another.

By combining the two — price AND politics — the Volfefe Index is the best and newest way to navigate this crazy trading environment.

And after looking at the big picture, President Trump’s tweets end up only affecting stock movement for a short amount of time.

Knowing that, you can use those brief drops and pops to your advantage and book quick gains along the way.

Or use the decrease to pick up some more of your existing positions…

Either way, you can get paid from Trump’s wild tweets!

Yours for Weekly Profits,

Alan Knuckman

Alan Knuckman
Floor Trader, The Daily Edge

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