Cold War II: French President Macron Predicts France “Extinction”

“We’re definitely witnessing the end of Western hegemony in the world… If we continue to act as before, we’ll finally lose control. And this will mean extinction. I can state this with full confidence.”

“Extinction?” Who is talking about “extinction?”

French President Emmanuel Macron, that’s who. He recently spoke at the annual French Conference of Ambassadors. Macron is not some flame-throwing radical. He’s characterized by his sober, bureaucratic demeanor. And yet, here he is talking like an apocalypse looms…

“We know that civilizations disappear and so do countries,” warned Macron. “Europe will disappear with the collapse of this Western era.”

This is serious! The President of France is predicting the “extinction” of France, of Europe and Western civilization.

And as a reader of Whiskey & Gunpowder, you are among the very first to know.

That is, despite the gravitas of Macron’s subject, his remarkable speech has received no coverage in U.S. media. French news covered it. But here in the U.S., the New York Times, for example, has not mentioned it. Nor any other mainstream U.S. outlet.

Macron’s comments did receive coverage in Russian news. In particular, there was a thorough report on Rossiya 1, available via Vesti News (with translation), from the estimable Dmitri Kiselyov, an eminent Russian news analyst.1

It’s typical of our lousy, crummy mainstream U.S. news. Here’s a huge story about the possible decline and fall of France and the West… and nary a word from the talking-heads.

Plus, the story involves a related angle, concerning a new Cold War between the West (with the U.S. in the lead) and Russia. Not a looming Cold War, mind you; but one that’s already kicking into gear.

Let’s hit on the key themes today, here at the Whiskey bar.

Here’s some background… Macron was speaking to the top echelon of French diplomats; the cadre of France’s foreign ambassadors, who collectively represent cumulative centuries of national service. These are senior executives of France, la crème de la crème, who will soon return to foreign capitals across the world bearing Macron’s message.

Meanwhile, it’s telling that Macron’s speech came within a few days of meeting President Trump at the G-7 economic conference in mid-August; and then a subsequent meet-up, shortly thereafter, with Russia’s President Putin.

From various accounts, both Trump and Putin gave Macron an earful over the need for France, and Europe in general, to stop burning itself down, so to speak; and to dial-down tensions with Russia.

Trump has long discussed the strategic need for the U.S. to “get along with Russia.” Based on this, critics have labeled Trump as Putin’s puppet.

You might think that there’s a certain, self-evident benefit to the U.S. of “getting along” with nuclear armed Russia. Yet Trump has spent every single day of his administration fighting a Deep State effort to demonize Russia and rekindle a new Cold War.

And let’s be clear, here… We definitely have a new Cold War. Russia is building new submarines and hypersonic missiles. The U.S. is building new submarines and stealth bombers. All this, and more… It’s as Cold War-ish as the 1960s and 70s.

Speaking solely on my own account, and with perspective formed by my long-ago role as a Navy nuclear weapons officer, I always thought that one Cold War was plenty. The Deep State seems to disagree, however.

Russia’s President Putin, of course, has spent years of his time in office dealing with Western sanctions over all manner of issues, starting with Russia’s 2014 “self-help” recovery of its historic patrimony in Crimea. To be fair, the whole Crimea mess originated with the Obama-era effort to stage a coup in Ukraine, and install a seemingly more “Western”-inclined government.

There’s a lot of recent history here; more than we want to discuss just now.

The point is, though, that here we are in a global face-off. U.S./NATO jets fly in the skies at the edge of Russian airspace. U.S./NATO ships sail in the northern Black Sea. U.S./NATO forces stare at Russian forces in Syria. And Europe arms Ukraine through backdoor channels with the idea of promoting a war between Ukraine and Russia.

Now, the U.S. is about to embark on a new, super-expensive arms race with Russia. All while the U.S. can’t truly “afford” the military we have. Nor afford much else on the wish lists and bucket lists of our political class.

But back to President Macron…

“I should note the emergence of new powers, the importance of which we’ve understood for a long time,” said Macron.

His point was obvious… “First of all, we’re talking about China and the Russian strategy, which has been implemented with great success in recent years.”

That is, U.S./European sanctions have effectively pushed Russia into close economic, diplomatic and military cooperation with China. Take Chinese manpower and money, combine it with Russian technology and resources (especially energy), and you have a new Eurasian alliance.

As this new Eurasian power bloc grows, traditional Western Europe and the North American “Atlantic” alliance – the last 400 years of history – have become obsolete. The post-World War II global system has ground to a halt.

Here’s Macron again… “Take India, Russia and China. All of them are driven by a way stronger political inspiration than Europe has now. They view the world using real logic, philosophy and concepts, which we lost to some extent. All of this greatly changed the setup and spoiled the game.”

Interesting way of phrasing things… “Concepts which we lost.”  And rising powers that have “spoiled the game.”

As Macron sees things, the world is moving away from the guiding hand of Western Europe and will rearrange around two large poles, namely the U.S. and China.

Macron noted that the world is running wild. The correlation of forces does not favor European civilization. The continent’s former “era of impunity” has passed.

According to Macron, Europe’s relations with Russia are spoiled, which is “fatal to Europe.”

The solution? “Rethinking key relations, first of all with Russia,” said Macron.

“If at some point we fail to do something useful with Russia,” said Macron, “we’ll remain in a state of completely fruitless tension. And won’t create conditions for a large-scale project for the restoration of European civilization. All this can’t be done without a very deep rethinking of our ties with Russia.”

Consider that last point… “Restoration of European civilization.” No small goal there, n’est ce pas? And France aims to perform this effort by “rethinking of our ties with Russia.” Napoleon rolls in his tomb, no doubt.

The takeaway is that Macron sees an immediate need for Europe to forge closer ties with Russia. Perhaps something like a “Common Market” between the European Union and Russia. Macron calls it the “Restoration of the real European project.”

He sees “a world moving towards a bipolar system, (in which) it’s absolutely necessary to form a common front between the European Union and Russia.”

Macron didn’t come out and say that Western sanctions on Russia should ease off. But that goal is definitely written between the lines.

Everything has to begin somehow. And Macron’s talk was just that; a proposal to get things back on some semblance of a track between France, Europe in general and Russia. An effort to avoid “extinction.”

Then again, there’s no reason for Russia to run towards this new embrace being dangled by France and Macron. Russia has spent over 25 years being burned by the West.

The fact is that a window for true cooperation and collaboration with Russia long-ago opened and closed. In addition to submarines and missiles, Russia is now building gas pipelines to China. With that kind of steel going into the ground, Russia is not so keen for showboat diplomatic bridges with the West.

As Russian news analyst Dmitri Kiselyov notes, “Russia holds better cards” in any effort to revise its relationship with Europe and the West.

Still, Macron’s talk was significant. When the President of France discusses national and cultural “extinction” before a room full of senior diplomats, the great strategic re-set is clearly in progress.

What happens in Europe – with or without France at the helm – will affect all manner of critical matters across the world. Economic, political, diplomatic, military.

Meanwhile, we’re in the early innings of a new Cold War. This will control war, peace, economic ebbs and flows, investment destinations, trade patterns, currency values, the strength of the dollar, the price of gold, you name it.

President Macron just told us something important; something that we need to know… And note that the mainstream media are not telling you about it. You have to find it out here, at your favorite Whiskey Bar.

On that note, I rest my case.

Thank you for subscribing and reading.

Best wishes,

Byron King

Byron King
Managing Editor, Whiskey & Gunpowder

1 Kiselev: Macron Declares End of Western Hegemony, Promises to Drive Nail Into Coffin Himself!, YouTube

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