“Mr. Gold’s” Shocking Advice: Buy Silver

“I can guarantee that gold will be worth $10,000 per ounce — or much more!”

That’s what a 19-year veteran of the mining industry with many incredible investments under his belt told me.

Because of his status in the mining industry, I call him “Mr. Gold.” And for privacy reasons, I can’t reveal his real name in this article. But trust me, this guy is the real McCoy of mining — and a proven winner at predicting BIG moves in gold.

Most notably in 2007, he was featured on CNBC to give his opinion on gold prices. At the time, gold was trading for $637/ounce. He predicted gold to go over $1,000/ounce in a 12-24 month period. Of course he was right!

Today, Mr. Gold had a totally unexpected recommendation for profiting from the gold market…

Even Better Than the Explosive Gold Rally…

“I think silver is the buy of the century!” Mr. Gold spouted, his energy levels clearly rising.

“Gold and silver stocks will go higher than tech stocks did during the Dot.com days.”

Got that? Mr. Gold says buy silver!

I got this insight before he went onstage at a conference he was speaking at.

As he started backing up his claims with hard economic data, personal conversations with his wealthy customers, and visits to remote mining operations, it was obvious he had done his research and knew what he was talking about.

“Do you want to turbo-charge your gold profits this year?” Mr. Gold asked me point blank…

“I’m serious! Do you really want to make the most of what’s going to be an explosive rally in gold?”

It wasn’t a rhetorical question. He wanted an answer.

“Of course!” I told him…

“Then I have two pieces of advice for you.”

Mr. Gold waited for me to pull out my notebook to take down his advice.

  • “Buy silver in addition to your gold investments”
  • “And own some off the beaten path junior minors”

And just like that, he turned around and headed to the podium. It was time for his presentation to start…

Mr. Gold’s Most Telling Chart About Silver’s Impending Spike

Take a look at this chart that Mr. Gold shared during his presentation.

Silver prices typically trade alongside gold with a specific ratio. One ounce of silver is usually worth somewhere between 1.2% and 3% of the value of an ounce of gold.

Lately, the value of silver (compared to gold) has fallen to a historically low level.

But don’t expect the price to stay this depressed for long.

In fact, if silver moves back toward the top of its range, the price of silver could move twice as fast (in percentage terms) as the price of gold.

Now I see why Mr. Gold thinks that silver is the buy of the century. Because if gold moves above $10,000 per ounce like he expects (a 550% return from today’s price), silver could give investors a 1,100% return!

Or more conservatively, if gold hits just $2,000 an ounce, (a 30% return from today’s price), silver could give investors a 60% return!

Not bad!

So as this metals bull market continues to heat up, I recommend you listen to Mr. Gold’s advice and buy silver!

And for updates, stay tuned to The Daily Edge as I continue to scour the markets for opportunities and send them straight to your inbox.

Now let’s get to the 5 Must Knows of the week…

5 Must Knows for Monday, August 26th

Earnings on Deck — On Wednesday, Tiffany & Co., Coty, Five Below, Guess, Box, PVH, Express, Williams Sonoma and H&R Block Report earnings.

On Thursday, Best Buy, Ulta Beauty, Workday, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, American Outdoor Brands, Abercrombie & Fitch, Dell Technologies, Burlington and TD Bank report earnings.

And wrapping up the week on Friday, Big Lots and the Campbell Soup Company report earnings.

Here’s What to Watch — Discount stores have thrived in the age of e-commerce, with Dollar General sitting at all-time highs. But did these stores keep their momentum in the last quarter? And can Big Lots turn around their fortunes to join this successful group?

Other retailers I’ll be watching are Best Buy and Tiffany’s, which should continue to tell us about the U.S. consumer. If Americans are buying high-priced jewelry and electronics, that’s a good sign for our economy.

Trade Talks Back On — After a presidential trade war tweet sank the stock market on Friday, Trump announced late Sunday that China called and asked to restart trade talks. His statement came after China’s top trade negotiator, Vice Premier Liu He, said they were willing to solve the trade problem “through consultation and cooperation with a calm attitude.” U.S. stocks opened higher on the news.

Metals Update — The prices of gold and silver continue to rise. As of Monday morning, the yellow metal sits at $1,530 per ounce while silver sits at $17.60 per ounce. But remember, we here at The Daily Edge believe this is more than a short-term trading opportunity. With economic and geopolitical tensions on the rise, gold could soon hit $2,000.

World Leaders Wrap Up G7 Summit — The G7 Summit wrapped up in Biarritz, France on Monday with no progress on Washington’s escalating trade war with China, how to deal with the nuclear ambitions of both Iran and North Korea, and the question of whether Russian President Vladimir Putin should be readmitted to the group. As has been the case, expect Trump to continue his “America first” policies.

That’s all from me today. Have a great week!

Here’s to growing and protecting your wealth!

Zach Scheidt

Zach Scheidt
Editor, The Daily Edge

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