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“I haven’t started my retirement nest egg yet, and I’m worried about not having enough. How do I get started? Please help!”

I’ve already gotten hundreds of replies from Monday’s survey.

And as they keep rolling in, I can’t help but notice many of you facing the same questions about retirement.

By far, the number one question I’ve received is about investing for retirement.

Over the years, I’ve had countless clients come to me saying they haven’t started their retirement nest egg yet.

And that’s because they don’t know how to start!

So today, I’ve asked my colleague Zach Scheidt — editor of Lifetime Income Report and author of The Big Book of Income — to show you the first step to investing for a Rich Retirement.

Let’s get to it!

Your Beginner’s Guide to Investing for Retirement

Zach ScheidtWhen you hear terms like “Wall Street” and “investing,” your mind may flash to visions of frenzied traders shouting and pointing some sort of foreign language at each other on the stock exchange floor.

This is how Hollywood often portrays the profession.

But today, very few trades are actually processed this way.

That’s because computers have replaced the need for these “floor traders,” as they’re called, and instead have opened up the world of investing to anyone with internet access.

Online brokerage accounts are now the easiest option for investors to purchase stocks.

Opening up one of these online brokerage accounts is as easy as opening up a new bank account.

  • First you complete a short application.
  • Next you provide proof of identity — usually by sending in a picture or fax of your driver’s license and Social Security card (for tax purposes).
  • And then you fund your account by either wire transfer or credit card.

The process really is that easy. All that’s left to do is figure out which investments to buy — but that’s what we’re here for!

Here are a few of my favorite online brokerage firms…

With So Many Brokers to Choose From… Here Are My Favorites

Charles Schwab


Schwab is one of the oldest and most widely used brokers around. The company charges you $4.95 for every trade but now no longer requires a minimum account balance to start trading. Schwab is not only among the cheapest of brokers, but they also have good customer service and some nice bells and whistles for reviewing the income in your account.

You can click here to be taken to Schwab’s new account form.



E-Trade is one of the best known brokers in the business because of their eye-catching advertisements. The company requires a minimum of $500 to open an account. And for most investors, E-Trade charges $6.95 for every trade. E-Trade’s fees are a little higher than Schwab’s but E-Trade also has a nice online platform with fancy reports to monitor your account.

You can click here to be taken to E-Trade’s new account form.

Interactive Brokers


Interactive Brokers (or IB) is a no-frills company that is a little light on customer service but has very low fees for trading. The company requires you to have $10,000 to open a regular brokerage account or $5,000 to open a retirement account. IB only charges $1.00 for a stock trade, or a penny a share if you’re trading more than 100 shares, and also offers discounts if you’re making large trades.

If you’re internet-savvy and an experienced online investor, IB is a great brokerage. If you think you might need a little more support with your account, I would use one of the other options.

You can click here to be taken to Interactive Brokers’ new account form.

When you’ve found a broker you like, look for an “Open Account” button on the homescreen. (Or just use the links we’ve provided.)

The site will walk you through their procedures for opening an account, which as I explained earlier is very simple and should take on average just 15 minutes!

I hope this quick rundown helps you out and finally puts you on track to make money in the markets.

Here’s to growing and protecting your wealth,

Zach Scheidt

Zach Scheidt
Editor, Rich Retirement Letter

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