Congress: Let’s Fight Terrorism At The Source

Watching the videos online gave me chills…

This should have been the best night in their young lives.

After seeing their idol perform in front of a sold out stadium, a young girl recorded her friend as she headed for the exit.

And then suddenly, just as the music paused, a thunderous bang shook the stadium…

I’m sure you’ve heard the tragic news by now.

22 innocent concert-goers killed by a suicide bomb outside of a children’s pop concert in Manchester, England. Another 50 reportedly injured.

From this single video, I saw the mood set in.

The smiling, energetic girl turned to panic in just seconds, as screaming concert-goers ran towards the exits.

Every phase of her emotions were visible — joy, confusion, and then panic.

I’m disgusted. And as a father of seven, my heart aches to think that these types of attacks can happen anywhere and at anytime.

When will enough be enough?

How many more tragedies like this will happen before we eliminate the threat once and for all? After all, our livelihood is at stake. Our peace of mind. And everything else that we hold dear as citizens.

How To Stop The Madness

Look, modern-day terrorism is a dynamic foe. I understand that.

And while I’m sure the talking heads will cover the topic ad nauseam, today I’d like to cover how to solve the problem.

Just last month, 46 representatives sent a letter to Speaker Paul Ryan to “immediately begin a serious debate on authorization for the use military force against the Islamic State.”1

We’re talking about “boots on the ground” military action against ISIS. Putting a stop to terrorism threats in areas where this ideology is tolerated. For a second, let’s go down the rabbit hole…

Although there are currently over 500 soldiers on the ground in Syria, and about 5,000 on the ground in Iraq, the U.S. government is “questionably” relying on a piece of 2001 legislation designed solely to combat Al Qaeda to keep them there.2

Using this legislation to combat ISIS is definitely a grey area because, after all, ISIS and Al Qaeda are completely different terrorist organizations, and the bill was passed years before ISIS even formed.

That’s why any further military action is so heavily criticized in Washington — and why the U.S. is reluctant to send in more troops.

Just look back to when Trump dropped the Mother Of All Bombs on Eastern Afghanistan. Democrats had a field day criticizing Trump’s abuse of executive powers.

But if Congress passes a bipartisan agreement to legally have troops in the Middle East, this would remove any grey areas that could be tying our hands in the fight against terrorism…

In Trump’s America, Here’s Where I See This Going (And The Companies That’ll Be On The “Front Lines” In The War On Terror 2.0)

Like I said above, the “War on Terror” and modern terrorism is a dynamic, changing environment.

However, from what I’ve seen so far from the current administration, if there’s one no-nonsense president to take this politically correct problem by the horns, it’s Trump.

Right now, we’re in the very-early innings of another round of Middle East wars, and boots on the ground anti-terrorist campaigns. The way I see it, it’ll get worse before it gets better.

And not to make light of a gruesome situation, but when it comes to heavy military action and a continued war on terror, there are a handful of companies that’ll be on the “front lines” of government spending.

It’s my job to keep you ahead of huge waves of government spending, and this situation is no different. Here’s a list of those “front line companies, once congress gives the “OK”…

The Boeing Co. (BA) is the world’s largest aerospace company with a market cap of $110 billion. The company is well known for its F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet, and was just awarded a $2.2 billion contract for a new submarine hunter warplane I especially like BA because of its generous 3.14% dividend yield.

Another great defense stock for your portfolio is Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT). This defense company is known for its F-35 Lightning combat aircraft. LMT is working to bring prices for its aircraft lower, which should help the company to better compete under Trump’s cost-conscious administration. The stock pays a respectable 2.67% dividend yield.

Finally United Technologies (UTX) has a total of 179 different military contracts worth $23.9 billion.2 In addition to its defense business, the company has a thriving commercial business as well. With a 2.18% dividend yield and plenty of growth opportunities, UTX is another great stock for defending your investment portfolio.

I’ll continue to monitor the fight against terrorism. As world powers step up their force, these defense stocks are likely to prosper.

Here’s to growing and protecting your wealth!

Zach Scheidt

Zach Scheidt
Editor, The Daily Edge

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