Donald Trump’s Secret Plan to End Social Security?

If what I’ve uncovered is correct — this could be the single BIGGEST shock wave to Social Security since it began in 1935.

In short, I’m talking about the end to Social Security as we know it.

Frankly, the evidence is adding up…

First, there’s an overlooked disclosure from Donald Trump. This isn’t something that Trump has openly spoken about, and to my knowledge not a single mainstream news organization has written a single word about this.

This disclosure was revealed in Donald Trump’s 2015 ethics review. It may be a key signal of the end to Social Security for American retirees as we know it.

That sounds scary, doesn’t it?

It shouldn’t. In fact I believe it will be a good thing. A shakeup that is decades overdue!

On Page 36 of the U.S. government ethics form that Trump released way back in July 2015, it shows that Trump generates, on average, more than $13,100 each and every month through the private sector of the economy.

That’s roughly $157,200 per year in extra income… and even for Donald Trump, that’s a nice chunk of change.

But what’s incredible isn’t how much he’s making… but rather, HOW he’s been able to do it.

You see, he makes so much money through his investments, he might not even realize it… but the truth is, “The Donald” is collecting some of the exact same payouts you would collect when legally piggybacking “Canadian Social Security.”

Instead of relying on the U.S. Social Security plan, Trump has tapped into a far superior “old-age” plan.

And if you’re thinking it’s Canada’s version of Social Security.

You are correct!

After all, why not piggyback the Canada Pension Plan? While the U.S. Social Security plan rings up massive annual deficits, the Canadian plan generates big annual surpluses.

As most Americans worry about whether they will ever receive the Social Security payments they were promised, Trump found a better way.

A Better “Mousetrap” for Retirement Savings

It is quite obvious that Canada has a better private-sector “mousetrap” in their pension plan, and I believe that we will see that this is all part of Trump’s plan to END the house of cards, “pay as you go” U.S. Social Security system.

Remember, in 1996, the Canadians realized the whole system was unsustainable and that the entire plan would “slowly run dry” and be completely bankrupt by 2015.

What happened next is incredible, given the experiences most of us have had watching our government operate.

The Canadian federal government actually did something about the problem!

It began conducting consultations with the Canadian public, looking for suggestions, recommendations and possible solutions on how the Canada Pension Plan could be fixed. (I just can’t imagine the U.S. government doing something like that.)

And it worked!

Just one year later — in 1997 — NEW legislation was passed replacing the old “pay as you go” system with something revolutionary…

And almost immediately, the new Canada Pension Plan took off like gangbusters.
The program started with cash reserves of around $36 billion.

By 2004, the program had a pool of resources totaling around $77 billion.

Today, that number has grown to over $219 billion. That’s more than a SIXFOLD increase.

Just take a look at the chart below and you’ll see that they’ve managed to steadily boost funding for the program year after year.

Byron at Landing Side

And this trend isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon. In fact, from the projections I’ve seen, funding for the Canada Pension Plan is expected to reach $300 billion by 2020… $518 billion by 2030 and over $800 billion by 2040.

Those results are nothing to sniff at! They’re also the reason I’ve recommended piggybacking the Canada Pension Plan for a while now.

But, that’s not the only reason I think Trump could be the one that finally ends the “pay as you go” U.S. Social Security system.

Headlines are starting to emerge, too! Like this one from CNNMoney: “Trump’s Social Security Point Man Called for Privatization.”

Fact is, we could see a private U.S. Social Security system during Trump’s administration.

But… if you know me, you know I’m not a “wait and see” kind of guy.

So while others wait to see when and how Trump will help or hinder U.S. Social Security, you and I can privatize our own retirement plan!

Here’s to growing and protecting your wealth!

Zach Scheidt

Zach Scheidt
Editor, The Daily Edge

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