3 Brand New Ways to Play Trump’s “New Energy Revolution”

President Donald Trump is fired up…

Perhaps he’s angry about how a bickering Congress killed his health care plan.

Maybe he’s frustrated with the judicial system that keeps blocking his immigration policies.

Or it may be that Trump is just itching to make forward progress on something.

Whatever the case, this week Trump took matters into his own hands, signing a new executive order that hands the EPA a one-two knockout punch…

The order creates a strong foundation for new U.S. jobs. It removes restrictions that have curtailed economic growth. And it paves the way for alert investors to make a lot of money!

Let’s take a look at this new executive order and how you can profit from it…

Trump’s “New Energy Revolution” Executive Order

On Tuesday, President Trump signed a new executive order aimed at dismantling a number of climate change rules and directives. Many of these regulations were originally put in place by Obama-era executive orders.

You may remember two weeks ago, I told you about a secret meeting between Trump and and auto manufacturers that had the potential to crush the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Well, this week’s executive order simply takes Trump’s campaign against the EPA to a new level.

In the meeting with auto manufacturer executives, Trump vowed to roll back emission and gas milage regulations in order to help U.S. auto manufacturers compete. This was the first shot fired in Trump’s war on the EPA.

This week’s executive order represents the second volley — which is more like a 105mm Howitzer artillery shot!

The executive order starts the process to unravel a handful of environmental regulations. These regulations include:

  1. Obama’s Clean Power Plan which strictly limits utility emissions
  2. A moratorium on coal mining on U.S. federal lands
  3. Other Obama-era executive orders aimed at regulating carbon emissions1

Obviously, this new executive order is quite controversial. Environmentalists are up in arms about this new executive order.

Trump’s EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has tried to assuage their fears by stating that Trump will set a new course that is both “pro-jobs” and “pro-environment.”2

But clearly Trump’s policies are focusing heavily on the “jobs” side of this equation…

Trump’s Controversial Agenda Is Quite Effective

Whatever you think about Trump’s assault on the EPA, his actions have been quite effective.

Remember how I told you about Trump’s clandestine meeting with the auto executives?

Well, this week Ford Motor (F) announced a $1.2 billion investment in three Michigan factories. The investment will allow ford to bring manufacturing of the Ranger pickup and Bronco SUV back to the U.S., creating hundreds (if not thousands) of American jobs.

I still think Ford, General Motors (GM) and Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) are excellent long-term investments. And since these stocks have pulled back in the last few weeks, you’re getting a bargain price if you buy shares today!

My point is that Trump’s first shot fired at the EPA has already added jobs to the U.S. auto industry.

And this week’s second shot will generate American jobs in the energy sector.

I’ve got my eye on a few coal and natural gas plays that could directly benefit from this order.

In particular, Consol Energy (CNX) is the largest pure-play coal miner in the U.S.. Now CNX is definitely a speculative investment right now. The company lost $2.38 per share last year under the Obama-era environmental regulations. But analysts expect the company to turn things around this year and generate a profit of $0.97 per share.3

Trump’s executive order should pave the way for further growth ahead.

Two other tickers to consider are Arch Coal (ARCH) and the Vance Vectors Coal ETF (KOL). If Trump’s executive order is implemented as expected, these coal plays should trade steadily higher this year.

I’ll continue to scour the markets for new Trump-era opportunities. This turbulent political environment is bound to shake things up on Wall Street — leading to profits for alert investors.

Here’s to growing and protecting your wealth!

Zach Scheidt

Zach Scheidt
Editor, The Daily Edge

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