Protect Your Wealth While Earning Income

Want to know how to predict whether a stock is headed higher or lower? It’s actually easier than you might think…

Many stocks trade in reliable trend patterns. This means trending stocks that are bullish tend to continue higher. And those that are in bear market trends tend to steadily move lower.

That doesn’t mean your trending stock will move higher each day. But it does mean that over time, a bullish trending stock will have more up days than down days. And over time, you’ll make a good amount of money holding this position.

The strongest and most reliable trend I’ve been watching this year is the steady advance in precious metals. In particular, gold and silver have been moving higher all year.

On Dec. 31 of last year, gold futures closed at $1,064 per ounce. Today, gold futures are trading near $1,320. That’s good for a 24% increase — not bad!

Even more impressive is silver’s advance. This year, silver futures have logged a 41% increase from $13.93 per ounce at the end of 2015 to a current price of $19.69.

Now, it’s true that gold and silver prices have slipped over the past two weeks. If you’re heavily invested in gold — or in gold mining stocks or other precious metal plays — you might be disappointed with the pullback.

But this pullback might actually be one of the best things that could happen since it presents an excellent buying opportunity.

There are many reasons to expect gold and silver prices to trend higher once again. With interest rates near zero in the U.S. and rates dropping into negative territory around the world, investors are looking to buy gold and silver hand over fist.

Their goal is to preserve wealth instead of allowing the central banks of the world to steal their money through zero or negative interest rates.

And since gold and silver can’t be created at the stroke of a computer key, supplies can’t always keep up with demand.

I think buying gold and silver is an excellent way to help protect the value of your wealth. But there’s one problem with it…

Holding physical gold and silver doesn’t give you income that you can use to pay your bills or spend as you please. And gold stocks can be volatile. They can be a great investment if you have some extra cash lying around. But not every investor can afford to speculate with his hard-earned money or has the appetite for a lot of risk.

Many investors would like a safer way to invest in precious metals prices without taking on that risk. And I think I have the ideal solution…

Last week, I showed you a super-safe way to invest in gold and silver that pays you a nice stream of income — even if their prices fall.

Franco-Nevada is a Toronto based streaming company that consists of 340 mining properties in various stages of production.

Because of their streaming business model, Franco-Nevada has no operational risk or expensive costs associated with mining. They essentially front the money that miners need in exchange for a stream of precious metals at a fixed rate. This allows Franco-Nevada to remain profitable even when prices of precious metals fall. Just check out their chart below!

Franco Nevada This Streamer Significantly Outperforms

Compared to other miners, Franco- Nevada is a top tier investment that sees all of the upside in precious metal rallies and delivers returns even when other miners see steep drops in share price.

With low operational costs, Franco-Nevada is a great way to get exposure to gold all while earning a 1.31% divided!

If you are looking for income that isn’t associated with precious metals, I have an interesting story…

I developed a lucrative investing strategy that has helped numerous Americans generate anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars a month.

It was so powerful, one of the most influential financial institutions in America sent me this 4 page threatening letter saying they would take me down.

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Zach Scheidt

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